A Recipe for Punch -- Chapter Archive

Oh rest thee, my darling,
Thy mother will come,
With a voice like a starling;
-I wish she was dumb!

--a line from a Nineteenth-Century 
Punch & Judy script

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square concluded after four hundred chapters in October of 2013.  Throughout the novel, Mr. Punch/Julian, the Duke of Fallbridge (our Nineteenth-Century hero with two personalities in a time well before the condition was identified or understood) and his beloved companion Dr. Robert Halifax, Lord Baron Colinshire, battled foes both old and new.  Punch discovered a half-sister, Lennie, about whom he never knew and he and Robert adopted a troubled young girl named Fern.  

Meanwhile, downstairs in the handsome Belgravia townhouse, Gerard Gurney, Robert's footman, and Gamilla, the beautiful African governess, were engaged, and, then married.  We fell in love with the loyal cook, Mrs. Pepper; scullery maid-turned nursery maid, Ethel; young footman Georgie Pepper, and kitchen maid Maudie, while Charles, the Duke's valet, and Violet, Lennie's maid,  flirted with the idea of romance.  

Through tragedy and triumph, the household held together.  They joined to mourn the loss of their sweet kitchen-maid, Jenny, as well as to celebrate the marriage of Gerard and Gamilla.

We'll follow our friends on a new journey in A Recipe for Punch.  This new online novel will focus on Punch's return to Fallbridge Hall in Yorkshire.  Always magnanimous, our Mr. Punch has volunteered to take his newly-found sister to Fallbridge Hall so she might learn a bit about her heritage and so that Punch's and Robert's adopted son Colin can see his future inheritance.

Their plans are quite simple.  Lennie is to be schooled in Fallbridge history--a tale of power dating back to the Tudor Dynasty--and become acquainted with the legacy, both good and bad, of her mother, the late Pauline, Duchess of Fallbridge.  

The trip will also give Lennie a chance to spend some time with her new fiance, the bland, but lovable Matthew, Earl of Cleaversworth, before they set a date for their wedding.  Meanwhile, Robert will be working on his book about other like Punch who live with more than one "personality." 

The visit to the country is meant to be relaxing and educational--a time for Colin to grow and explore, a time for the staff to have a break from the city and for pregnant Gamilla to enjoy some clean air.

However, beneath it all, our Mr. Punch will be faced with the very demons which created him within Julian, the Duke of Fallbridge.  

The sprawling stately home holds more than just the Fallbridge Family treasures and the vast estate is dotted with as many mysteries as it is cottages.   It harbors secrets both new and old, and on the outskirts of the estate lurk many dangers which will not only challenge Punch's "sanity," but also the lives of Lennie, Colin and Robert.

Furthermore, the staff will face new challenges as Mrs. Pepper realizes that she doesn't have as much say at Fallbridge Hall as she did in Belgrave Square.  Georgie is tempted by some new voices and Ethel and Maudie discover that they must come together to protect the boy they both love.  While Charles and Violet grow closer, Charles' genetics get the better of him. And, Gamilla's pregnancy reveals some inner powers which she never knew she had.  

You'll meet some new characters and learn more about those who have figured prominently in Punch's Cousin.  We'll explore racism, homophobia and changing ideas about mental health, as Gamilla, Robert and Punch realize that though they've made a peaceful world for themselves, others may not share their ideals.  Furthermore, we'll test the notions of genetics as Charles and Lennie, and even our Mr. Punch, worry that the sins of their ancestors will ultimately be their own.

Below, you'll be able to access each chapter of A Recipe for Punch as they're posted.  Sometimes, I'm slower than others in posting the links, so be patient with me.  With each link, you'll find a chapter summary to get you back up to date with any chapters you may have missed.

Chapter 1:  One More for Luck
    As the caravan clatters toward Yorkshire, Punch distracts himself from wishing for a quick return to Belgrave Square by reading from a book of puppet-show scripts given to him by Matthew, Lennie's fiance (who will join them soon), as a parting gift.  The dialogue in the script from a traditional Punch & Judy Show involves an encounter between Punchinello and a complaining servant who is quickly killed.  Robert comments that the butler at Fallbridge Hall is sure to have the entire staff out to welcome them as they and their servants from London arrive.

Chapter 2:  Specifications:
     Mr. Punch is furious to find no one to greet him and his family and friends at Fallbridge Hall.  After banging on the door of the sprawling Tudor mansion for awhile, Punch finds it opened by Jackson--the long-time butler.  Jackson makes matters worse by addressing Punch/The Duke as "Lord Fallbridge"--a huge mistake given the importance of the position.  The butler also shows a total disregard for any of the Duke's instructions which had been sent many weeks in advance.  Furthermore, Jackson shows visible disgust with the interracial marriage of Gerard and Gamilla, the Duke's casual attitude with his servants from London, Lennie's   creation as Lady Fallbridge, and most of all, the Duke and Robert's very open homosexual relationship.  Punch reminds Jackson that as Duke of Fallbridge, despite the man's long service he can dismiss him without a thought.

Chapter 3:  Stuck
     Finally alone with Robert, Punch is free to speak without the pretense of imitating the manner with which Julian used to speak before Punch took over full-time control of their shared body.  Robert tries to comfort Punch by chatting about how lovely their rooms are, but Punch is clearly concerned about the return to Fallbridge Hall and about the disrespectful greeting they received from Jackson, stating that though his mother is dead, it will always be her house.

Chapter 4:  Past the Point of No Return
     Lennie has taken a bath and settled into her oppulent suite of rooms--The Corral Suite--which had once been the rooms of the mother she never knew.  Violet is dressing Lennie's hair and the two women are chatting in their usual way as Lennie teeters between breathless excitement and a feeling of unease.  Violet confesses that the servants at Fallbridge Hall have been frosty thus far and that there's been gossip about the Duke and Lord Colinshire, as well as Lennie.  Lennie confides that though the house is stunning she gets the sense that beneath the surface, there's something quite ugly going on.  Punch and Robert join the women and Punch announces that he's having Gamilla dress the baby so that the family and the London staff may take a walking tour of the estate.

Chapter 5:  Midnight Spider
    We get our first real glimpse of the inner-workings of Fallbridge Hall in this chapter and meet some of the native staff.  Jackson scolds handsome young footman William for watching the Duke and his entourage through the window.  Another footman, a rough, athletic lad called Gregory teases William about being like the Duke--a margery--and says he can't believe that the Duke would be as brazen as to share his rooms with another man.  William says it's none of their business and that they should respect the Duke as master of the house.  Ivy--former personal maid to the late Duchess--says that the Duchess found her son to be a disappointment and that aside from being "a mandrake," he's also always been mad.  Gregory comments that Violet is attractive as Ivy brags about strengthening the beads on one of the late duchess' gowns.  Jackson dispatches the lot of them as the others in the large staff will be returning from their duties soon.  The butler then returns to his pantry for some exceptionally strange private behavior whilst addressing the late duchess.

Chapter 6:  Uneasy
     Robert, Lennie and Punch settle into the library after a brief tour of the estate.  Robert and Lennie are amazed by the scope of the land and shocked at how active the estate is.  Punch explains that the land is managed by a Land agent called Hargrave and his bailiff, Causer.  A Mr. Quick serves as the estate's parson.  Those three look after the many tenants of who work the land, many of them generations who have been there since the time of the Tudors.  Lennie confesses that though she thinks the house and land are beautiful, she feels that there's something strange beneath it all.  Robert agrees.  Ethel brings Colin to his fathers and auntie and they ask her to stay and chat.  Ethel asks about the many portraits of one particular woman.  Lennie wonders if that is their mother and Punch says that it is.  Ethel asks why there are no pictures of the late Duchess at their home at Belgrave Square and Punch replies honestly that he doesn't like to look at her.  He notices that Ethel is uneasy.

Chapter 7:  Take it Down
     Robert is surprised when Gerard and Charles come to help them change for tea.  After all, they don't bother at home.  Punch is not fazed by it.  The household still functions under the old rules of the late Duchess.  Gerard admits he thinks he heard Gregory make a racial slur against Gamilla, but isn't sure he heard correctly.  Punch tells Gerard to come to him if anything else happens and asks Charles to remove the portrait of the late Duchess from their room.

Chapter 8:  She Ain't Here
     Jackson snaps at Maudie, insisting that the sandwiches she's making for upstairs tea aren't fit to be served.  Mrs. Pepper comes to her assistant's defense and tells the butler that the masters' always have those sandwiches and prefer them.  She warns Jackson not to speak to Maudie that way and reminds him of what the Duke had told him about the order of things.  Jackson does not like being challenged and insists that the late Duchess ran the household differently.  Mrs. Pepper reminds him that the Duchess is dead and that the Duke is in charge, she also reminds him that the fact that they've come from London should make no difference to him since they're self-sufficient.  Later, in the larder, Maudie makes a shocking discovery of a queer shrine to the late Duchess and a diamond-encrusted notebook.  Mrs. Pepper thinks they should bring it to the Duke.

Chapter 9:  Special
     Lennie arrives in the library to join her brothers for tea and thanks Punch for thinking ahead and having extra dresses made for her.  They speak of the native staff and Lennie wonders why William isn't as jaded as the others.  Punch explains that William is relatively new and wasn't hired by their mother.  Charles arrives with tea, followed by Mrs. Pepper and Maudie who explain their difficulty getting upstairs.  Maudie presents the notebook she found to Punch who is visibly shaken by it.  He invites them all to sit so he can explain.

Chapter 10:  Orders
     With Charles, Maudie and Mrs. Pepper gathered around, Punch explains to the servants, Robert and Lennie that long ago, the Duchess had asked him to design five of the diamond and enamel journals as a means of communicating with the late housekeeper, Mr. Jackson, the cook, the Land Agent and the Parson.  She didn't like the feel of card and leather and preferred the coldness of enamel.  Punch recalled an episode when he was small and the Duchess flew into a rage after he was beaten by his nanny, but he quickly stops talking.  Maudie describes the shrine she found in the larder and Punch laughs it off.  Later Lennie presses Punch for more information about his childhood, but he tells her that there's time for the ghosts of the hall to grab them.

Chapter 11:  Protectiveness
     Punch is visibly tired and Robert suggests that he go upstairs to rest.  Punch doesn't wish to go alone, but when he realizes that Lennie intends to stay in the library, he secretly decides it's  best for Robert to stay with her.  Lennie asks Robert about her mother and Robert is unwilling to tell her anything, explaining that Punch wants her to form her own opinions based on fact.  Robert says simply that the late Duchess and he did not like one another.  They are unaware that Jackson is watching them.

Chapter 12:  Mourning
     Lennie is rather shocked to find Ivy in her room.  Ivy says she is returning one of the late Duchess' gowns and explains that she's been restoring all of the Duchess' dresses.  Lennie asks why...after all, she'll never wear them.  Ivy scoffs and says that Lennie would never fit them, but backpedals and states that she's restoring the dresses for historical purposes.  Ivy says how she still mourns the Duchess (though she speaks as if Pauline is still living) and shows Lennie the brooch with a lock of plaited hair that she wears.  Ivy says she braided the hair after the Duchess died and Lennie wonders how she could have since the Duchess died in America.  Ivy says she got the hair from her brush.  She offers the brooch to Lennie who refuses and then suggests that she return to speak to Lennie about the mother she never knew.

Chapter 13:  A Little Chat
    Ethel has gone to the Servants' Hall and is stopped by Gregory who makes advances to her.   She warns him to stop, but he continues.  George Pepper comes to her aid, and Gregory teases him, suggesting he may be a homosexual.  Ethel steps in and this makes it worse.  George challenges Gregory to a fight, but Jackson interrupts them.  

Chapter 14:  The Past
     While Robert naps, Punch sneaks off and goes to Julian's old suite of rooms.  There, he remembers many things about the past he and Julian shared, especially about the day that "they" left for America in search of Barbara.  Punch decides that it's time to bury the past.

Chapter 15:  Our Jenny
     Punch is startled as the door to his former rooms opens, expecting Jackson to come in and taunt him.  He's pleasantly surprised to find Gamilla enter.  He asks if everything is all right with Colin and Gamilla assures him that it is.  She does admit that there had been some trouble downstairs between Ethel and Georgie and rough Gregory, but that Ethel handled it quite well and that she and Georgie came out of it unscathed.  Punch wonders how she found him and Gamilla hesitates before answering.  He reminds her that nothing she could say would sound strange to him and she confesses that she heard a girl's voice, much like their late kitchen maid, Jenny's, tell her where the Duke was.  Presuming it was Jenny's, the voice also said that a "bad lady" was looking to harm the Duke and that Gamilla should take him away from those rooms.  Punch follows Gamilla from his former suite and does as she instructs, thanking her, but asking if she'll tell him more of what she hears.

Chapter 16:  Any Help
     William asks Charles and Gerard if he can be of any help to them.  The two men are grateful, but tell William that they don't really need any assistance.  They invite the lad to chat with them.  He seems relieved to finally have friends in the house and tells them about some of the hardships he's faced there.  He talks a bit about the strange period when he was taken in as a temporary employee and how when the Duchess died Mr, Jackson, the Land Agent and the Parson went away for several weeks. Charles and Gerard find this puzzling and thank William for the information.

Chapter 17:  A Proper Sunrise
     Violet begins brushing Lennie's hair to prepare her lady for dinner.  Violet asks if Lennie was able to nap and Lennie confesses that she wasn't.  Lennie explains that she was unsettled by an encounter with Ivy and describes the incident.  Violet can see why the exchange would bother Lennie, but not wanting her mistress to be bothered by it, tries to distract her with talk of gowns and jewels.  This seems to work.  Lennie begins to relax and the two young women begin to chatter as friends, not like a lady and her maid.  Violet hurries off to fetch a special pair of slippers and when she returns from the dressing room is visibly upset.  Someone has disturbed all of Lennie's things.  The only person who could have done so would have been Ivy.  Lennie decides she must tell her brother and Robert.

Chapter 18:  Fair
     Mr. Punch and Robert (followed by Gerard and Charles) go to Lennie's suite.  Punch gushes over Lennie's new gown and lavishes praise upon his sister.  Robert does the same, and the three share a happy moment as a family.  Punch asks why Lennie asked them to meet in her room before dinner and Lennie request that Violet explain what she found.  Violet says that Lennie's wardrobe had been disturbed, and Lennie recounts her unpleasant meeting with Ivy.  Punch is visibly upset by this.  He recalls the other problems they've encountered since arriving earlier that day, and shares with Robert what Gamilla shared with him earlier about Ethel and Georgie.  Punch knows that he must speak with Jackson and says that he doesn't wish for the household there to change since it's not to be their permanent residence.  He merely wants for the native staff to leave them in peace for the few weeks that they're in residence.  The gentlemen escort Lennie to the drawing room and Gerard goes to check on his pregnant wife.  Violet and Charles flirt and Charles suggest that they go for a walk--to Jackson's pantry.

Chapter 19:  Now
     Charles and Violet discuss Charles' idea of sneaking into Jackson's pantry.  Violet wonders why he wants to and Charles explains that since Jackson seems to be the leader of the strange lot, there must be something in his pantry which will shed some light on why the native servants act as they do.  Violet wonders how they'll get in without being seen, but Charles assures her that he knows where everyone will be.  The two share their first kiss.

Chapter 20:  Staring
     Punch, Lennie and Robert settle down for their first dinner at Fallbridge  Hall.  Knowing that they needed something familiar Mrs. Pepper prepared many of their favorite dishes from home, and, of course, Mr. Jackson did not appeal at all.  He made his disapproval apparent by staring and grimacing throughout the meal while WIlliam and Gregory served.  Punch had finally had enough of Jackson's sour face and ordered the butler out of the dining room.  He wouldn't have done so if he'd known that Violet and Charles were just about to enter Jackson's pantry.

Chapter 21:  Gut
     Charles and Violet, with Georgie Pepper standing guard, sneak into Jackson's pantry.  Charles comments about the odd smell and Violet notes that Mr. Speaight, at home, would never allow any area of the house to smell so peculiar.  They both wish they were home, and Charles comments that Lennie seems, even in one day, to be quickly becoming disenchanted with the ancestral home.  Violet brings up Lady Barbara and Charles' affair with the Duke's other sister.  Charles reminds Violet not to mention Barbara again, especially in front of the Duke.  Charles compares Barbara with the late Duchess.  Both liked to have affairs with male servants.  Charles wonders if perhaps Jackson's loyalty to the Duke's late mother is because the butler had been the Duchess' lover.  He's concerned the butler is plotting something against Punch and the family.  Violet suddenly hears Georgie speaking outside the pantry and they realize that Jackson has come downstairs.

Chapter 22:  A Crime
     As Jackson enters his pantry, Charles and Violet hide in the silver cupboard just in the nick of time.  They listen as Jackson rants about the Duke of Fallbridge and Robert and are startled to hear that he realizes that Colin is really Barbara's son.  Jackson  speaks aloud to the late Duchess of Fallbridge and declares that Punch/the Duke is a sinner and that he and Pastor Quick have a scheme to punish him and "rescue" Colin.  Ivy interrupts with some foolishness about Mrs. Pepper refusing to make a tray because she doesn't know who the tray is for.  Who is the tray for?  Jackson and Ivy keep referring to "her."  Jackson is visibly irritating because he'd been interrupted from "seeing" the duchess.  Meanwhile, Charles and Ivy are still hiding in the cupboard with the silver and a long, white cloak.

Chapter 23:  Knowledge
     Mrs. Pepper nervously calls over for Jackson and Ivy in an attempt to lure them away from the pantry.  She had denied Ivy her extra tray mostly to get Ivy to go running to Jackson though she was annoyed to not know for who the tray was to be prepared.  Mrs. P. instructs George and Maude to go to the pantry the moment Jackson and Ivy arrive in the kitchens and help Charles and Violet escape.  Mrs. Pepper stalls Ivy and Mr. Jackson as long as she can.  Jackson makes up some odd story about the tray being for the former kitchen maid who is recovering from an accident in the attics.  Charles and Vi escape Jackson's pantry, and just as Ivy mocks them, Charles responds that they know more than Ivy and Jackson realize.

Chapter 24:  When You Daydream
     Ethel and Gamilla are in the nursery sorting through Colin's things.  Ethel is concerned that Gamilla isn't feeling well and asks if Gamilla wants to rest.  Gamilla says that she feels fine, but clearly she's tired.  Ethel continues to asks questions and shows that she is genuinely worried about the pregnant girl.  Gamilla confesses that he pregnancy has heightened all of her senses, including her second sight.  Ethel asks if Gamilla has had any visions and Gamilla explains that she's having one at the moment--one of Miss Blessum in a dark room telling an unseen entity that she won't be fed if she scratches.

Chapter 25:  Gotta Get Out Sometime
     Punch and Robert have settled into their suite for the night.  Robert is bathing, and Punch privately recalls some of Julian's childhood.  They discuss Charles' odd behavior and wonder if he's hiding something.  Meanwhile, Gregory finds Ivy with scratches on her face.  Ivy says, "she" scratched her, and pushed her.  Gregory says he'll go and whip "her," but, Ivy explains that Gregory won't find "her."  Gregory is alarmed and blasts Ivy for letting "it/her" escape.  He starts to go to tell Mr. Jackson, but, Ivy blackmails the footman into helping her look for "her."

Chapter 26:  A Mother's Face
     Lennie's screams awaken Punch and Robert who come running.  They find her standing up in the middle of her bed.  She calms down enough to tell them that she was awakened by someone standing over her bed.  They ask her who she saw.  She responds that it was her mother.  Robert responds that the Duchess is dead and Lennie says she knows that.  Lennie explains that the "creature" she saw had the Duchess' face but a deformed body and claws.  Robert is dubious at first, but Punch believes her.  Robert eventually agrees that Lennie saw something.  Lennie believes that it might still be in the room and the men decide that Lennie must go to the nursery.  As Punch goes to get Lennie's dressing gown, he spies something and informs the others that they're not alone.  

Chapter 27:  The Jar of Heads
     In typical Punch-fashion, Mr. Punch tries to approach the intruder by being friendly--much to Lennie's horror and Robert's concern.  Punch sees that the creature does, indeed, have a face very similar to his late mother's, but not nearly as cruel.  Her body, however, is terribly deformed with her hands being melded into pincers, a hunchback and a badly misshapen leg and foot.  The woman does not speak, but Punch continued to try to make pleasant conversation with her to show he means her no harm.  When he mentions that Robert is a doctor, she becomes wild and knocks over Punch before fleeing the room.  Punch asks Robert to ring for Jackson and stay with Lennie while he goes to warn Gamilla and Gerard to guard the nursery.  Meanwhile, Jackson is shocked to find Ivy and Gregory in the servants' hall with "the jar of heads" which is only meant for emergencies.

Chapter 28:  Common Sense
     A flustered Jackson rushes to the Coral Suite, responding to the bell, and is surprised to find Robert there with Lennie.  Robert is not amused by Jackson's insinuations and questions Jackson as to who else in this house.  They tell Jackson about the creature which frightened Lennie and Jackson suggests that Lennie was dreaming.  Robert replies that all three of them--Lennie, Punch and he saw the same thing.  Infuriated, Robert pushes Jackson against the wall and threatens him.  Lennie and Robert remind Jackson that they're not aristocrats and know how to defend themselves.  Jackson refuses to talk.  Robert throws him to the floor and, finally, Jackson relents.  He confesses that the intruder is Morgana--a woman he purchased at a traveling freak show.  When Lennie asks why, Jackson viciously responds that he bought Morgana to replace the late Duchess.

Chapter 29:  This Power
     Punch leaves Gamilla and Gerard to protect Colin.  Gerard sits with Dog Toby by the fire and watches Gamilla and the baby.  Gamilla still seems tired and Gerard worries about his pregnant wife.  She admits that her visions have increased.  She says that she can see that Punch has returned safely to the Coral Suite, and that she can see Robert and Lennie, but that Jackson has a fog around him.  Similarly, she can see Morgana, but only a fuzzy image.  Gamilla wishes she could see Morgana more clearly, and blames herself for not warning Punch earlier as well as not knowing how evil the woman really is.  Gerard tells his wife not to blame herself, but wonders if there is a way to discern if the woman is just wild or truly malicious.  Gamilla says there is a way through voodoo though she has never done it herself.  Gerard encourages a resistant Gamilla to try it.

Chapter 30:  The Festivities
     Punch arrives in the Coral Suite to find Jackson on the floor.  He puts on his Julian act.  Jackson begs for help, but Punch is not offering any.  Robert and Lennie explain how Jackson ended up there and tell Punch that Jackson has known about the woman intruder all along and that he confessed to purchasing her at a sideshow.  Lennie tells Punch that Jackson called her a bitch.  Punch fires the butler and orders him to leave as soon as they've finished with him, he then continues to grill the butler.  Jackson finally confesses that Mr. Quick helped him hunt down the woman called Morgana who he didn't know was a "freak."  She is actually the Duchess' half-sister.

Chapter 31:  Morgana
     As Morgana wanders about the house, she recalls the very first (and only other time) she escaped her cell--when she killed Mrs. Foster and the first William (Jackson and Ivy covered it up by saying they'd died of fever).  Morgana wonders who all these new people are and contemplates Lennie, Punch and Robert, concluding that maybe they're not bad.  She begins to feel that someone is watching her.   Could it be Gamilla's voodoo is working?  She ducks into a room where she sees Violet and Maudie sleeping and admires Violet's hands.  As she scoops up Violet, Vi begins to scream.

Chapter 32:  Fetch It
     Gamilla is startled by a vision of Morgana taking Violet.  She alerts Gerard who leaves her to go and warn the masters.  He's shocked to find Jackson on the floor in Lennie's room and is angered by Jackson's taunts.  Punch, Robert and Lennie explain the situation with Morgana as Gerard explains what Gamilla saw.  Robert insists that they go in search of Violet and demands that Jackson come with them.  Jackson refuses.  Punch orders Jackson to tell them how to subdue Morgana and he suggests "the jar of heads," which Punch tells Jackson to fetch.

Chapter 33:  Dismissed
     Jackson descends to the servants' quarters where he finds Gregory and an anxious Ivy.  Ivy demands to know where Morgana is and Jackson tells her that Morgana has carried off Violet.  He also informs the duo that he's been dimissed.  Gregory is glad to hear it, figuring he's next in line for the butler position.  Jackson tells Gregory to not count on it.  Ivy is not concerned with any of it and is only interested in Morgana's well-being.  Jackson only cares about himself and tells them he hopes Morgana destroys them all and that he's never leaving that house.  Once he goes to his pantry, Gregory agrees to help Ivy get Morgana and the two go to get the "jar of heads."  Meanwhile Violet realizes that struggling and screaming aren't helping.  Morgana has already knocked out Maudie.  Violet tries to reason with Morgana and convinces the woman to put her down.  Violet tricks Morgana and attempts to run off.  Morgana doesn't take this lightly and topples Violet, whispering the word, "hands."

Chapter 34:  Accountable
    Punch is annoyed when Gregory and Ivy arrive, and not Jackson.  They tell him that Jackson is preparing to leave.  They've brought the Jar of Heads which turns out to be a large jar of fluid and dolls' heads.  Lennie, Robert and Punch are alarmed to learn that Morgana was responsible for killing Mrs. Foster and the first William.  Punch says he will hold Ivy accountable if anything happens to Violet.

Chapter 35:  Still Hands
     Violet awakens in an unfamiliar part of Fallbridge Hall, still with Morgana.  She's touched by Morgana's kindness when the woman offers Violet her shawl.  She realizes that Morgana must have some soft spot and tries to chat with the woman.  She asks Morgana's name and Morgana reveals that she was once called "Lobster Girl."  Violet sympathizes with the woman and offers that The Duke us very kind and will help her.  Morgana protests saying the the Duke will not wish to help her because she is his mother's sister and that Miss Blessum has been training her to hate the Duke as his mother used to.

Chapter 36:  Relations
     Punch, Robert and Lennie, followed by Gerard, Gregory and Ivy, finally find Violet and Morgana.  Punch speaks gently to Morgana and is surprised when she answers.  He tries to convince her that she is safe and that she should come with them and let Violet go.  He reinforces the idea that they are family and that he won't let anything happen to her.  He tells her that while he may not look it, he is also different and that they have much in common.  Morgana says she has been trained to hate him.  He asks her again if she will go with him.  

Chapter 37:  M'Lady
     Jackson goes to the parsonage where he awakens Mr. Quick to tell the parson that he's been sacked.  Quick is shocked to learn that the ancient butler has been dismissed and asks why.  Jackson explains that the Duke found out about Morgana.  Jackson explains that Quick and the rest will be next.  The two discuss a mysterious "she" and Jackson says he had no chance to get "her" out, but swears he'll never leave "M'Lady."

Chapter 38:  Trust
     Morgana agrees to release Violet and goes with Punch, Robert and Lennie to the Drawing Room where she is surprised to be asked to sit down.  She continues to be touched by the kindness that the trio is showing her, though Lennie and Robert are still privately more cautious than Punch.  Morgana notes Punch's change in speech and Punch explains that it's one of the ways in which he, like she, is different.  He says that they hope to leave Yorkshire as soon as Matthew arrives and Morgana fears they'll send her away, but Punch explains that he hopes to take her with them if she'd like to go to London.  Robert suggests that he might be able to help her, as a physician, and she repeats her distrust of physicians.  Punch assures her that she's safe with Robert and that he intends to dismiss Ivy and Gregory as well.  Meanwhile Ivy is watching from the shadows and vows to never leave Morgana.

Chapter 39:  Fallbridge Blood
    With Morgana tucked into a proper bed in a proper room, Lennie, Punch and Robert discuss what to do next.  Punch wants to address their London staff and assure them that everything is all right and that they're safe.   Lennie says that Morgana is charming and that as long as she isn't frightened she doesn't seem dangerous, but Robert doesn't seem convinced.  Robert makes a statement about Morgana being dangerous because she has Fallbridge blood.  This was the wrong thing to say.  The statement upsets Punch who reminds Robert that he, Lennie and Colin all have Fallbridge blood as well.  He tells Robert that Morgana stays, but that Robert is welcome to leave if he wants.  Punch then begins to cry recalling parts of the torture he/Julian endured as a child and says he's not at all like the Fallbridge side of the family and Robert apologizes for his unfaur statement.  Punch forgives him, and they agree to let Morgana return to London with them.

Chapter 40:  Fog
     The Staff from 65 Belgrave Square gathers in the Drawing Room of Fallbridge Hall as Punch explains about Morgana.  Violet is surprisingly supportive, given the ordeal she endured with Morgana.  Maudie is less thrilled and has many questions.  Punch announces that Morgana will be coming back to London with them.  Charles is outraged because of what happened with Violet, and says he knows Morgana has killed two people.  Punch reminds Charles that Charles' brother killed Punch's father.  Punch says he believes in forgiveness, and that pretty much shuts up Charles.  the staff begins to show support for the idea of bringing Morgana back to London.  Gamilla is quiet until Punch asks for her opinion and she reveals that there's a wicked cloud around Morgana, but it's not from Morgana herself.  It's something surrounding Morgana.  Punch hears Julian's voice which suggests that they go to Jackson's pantry.

Chapter 41:  Friends
     Gamilla makes an excuse about needing air and sends Gerard and Ethel back with Colin to the nursery.  Meanwhile, she sneaks off to the Vermillion Suite to see Morgana in an effort to get a sense of what sort of spirit surrounds the woman.  Morgana is, at first, reluctant to let Gamilla in, but when she does, she is amazed by Gamilla's beauty.  Gamilla finds Morgana charming and instantly likes her.  The two women form an immediate bond.  Morgana shows Gamilla her pincers and Gamilla says she  is not at all bothered by them.  Morgana is touched by this is and says that Gamilla is also beautiful in her heart.  Gamilla says some people aren't and mentions the late Duchess Pauline, asking Morgana if she ever knew her sister.  Morgana says she did not, but says that Jackson and Ivy have told her lies about Pauline.  Morgana asks if Gamilla will tell her the truth of Pauline.  Gamilla says she will, and says that they, as friends, myst join together to do something important.

Chapter 42:  A New Reign
     Punch, Lennie and Robert go to the Servants' Hall which has been awash in rumors since Jackson was dismissed.  They were greeted by Gregory and Ivy both of whom expected to be sacked as well.  Both are told they can stay temporarily if they cooperate.  Gregory hands over the keys to the pantry.  Ivy is asked to change her alliance and explain why and how Jackson came by Morgana.  She agrees, but secretly vows to see everyone rot at her feet, especially when she's told to stay away from Morgana.  Ivy is also worried that the masters will find whatever "she" is hidden in Jackson's pantry.  Gregory says that he hopes they do.

Chapter 43:  Beauty
     Lennie, overwhelmed by the peculiar smell in Jackson's pantry goes upstairs to see Morgana who is touched by being called, "Auntie."  Lennie tells Morgana that she'll be needing a wardrobe so she can join the family for meals.  Morgana is embarrassed and says she doesn't want the family to see her eat, but Lennie insists that Morgana will still need dresses.  Lennie suggests that Gamilla can make patterns to send to the village dressmaker.  Morgana shares that she's met Gamilla and found her lovely and that Gamilla made her feel peaceful when she whispered something to her.  Lennie and Morgana continue to bond and Lennie shares some of her past with Morgana.  Upon leaving, Lennie tells Morgana that she is, by far, much more beautiful that Pauline ever was.

Chapter 44:  The Cupboard
     Robert is beginning to find the odor in the pantry overwhelming as well. He and Punch discuss what the aroma could be.  They have sorted through most of Jackson's pantry and have found many portraits of the late Duchess, and Jackson's white vestment, but otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary.  They're having a difficult time finding the key to the last cupboard, and Robert finally concludes that it's not on the key ring.  They realize the odor begins from that one cupboard and they both begin to feel uneasy, but agree that they need to open it.  Robert uses a paper knife to force open the lock.  

Chapter 45:  Unbearable
     Lennie startles Punch and Robert just as Robert is about to open the cupboard.  She tells the men that Ivy is pacing outside the door and that Gregory is gossiping with the other servants.  Punch asks how Morgana is doing and Lennie shares that Morgana is overwhelmed and grateful, presently having her hair arranged by Violet and sharing stories from her sideshow days.  The smell in the pantry is unbearable and Punch confesses that they're all avoiding opening the cupboard.  Lennie wonders how bad it could be and goes to open it herself, but Robert stops her.  Punch says it should be he who opens it.  So, he does.  They stand in silence, trying to understand what they're seeing.  Lennie faints.  Punch asks Robert if what he's seeing is real.  Could it really be his mother's corpse?  Robert confirms that it is.

Chapter 46:  Leather, Ribbons and Silk
     Robert, before helping Lennie and Punch upstairs, warns Gregory to stay out of the pantry and puts William in charge of keeping everyone out of there.  Once upstairs Lennie expresses her disbelief at finding her mother's corpse in the cupboard.  Punch remains silent and Robert urges Lennie to let him process the horror in his own way.  They are surprised when Punch begins to shriek about the gruesome discovery and tells Lennie how wicked their mother was.  He wonders what Jackson had intended to do with the corpse and how Morgana was involved and vows to destroy the man as do Lennie and Robert.

Chapter 47:  To Be Welcome
     Gamilla joins Violet in Morgana's room.  Violet thinks Gamilla has come to help measure Morgana for her new wardrobe, but Gamilla has come for something more serious.  Gamilla explains that the Duke, Lady Fallbridge and Baron Colinshire came to the nursery.  Punch will be staying with Colin and Dog Toby, Robert took Gerard and Charles to help him with something and Lennie asked for Violet to join her in her suite.  Gamilla isn't sure what's wrong.  Violet goes to Lennie.  Morgana knows Gamilla will be honest with her, and Gamilla reveals that there's terrible evil in the house and that it wants Morgana, Punch, Lennie and Colin.  Morgana asks what it is and offers herself instead of the others.  Gamilla says it is Pauline, the late Duchess and that Morgana cannot sacrifice herself.  Morgana asks Gamilla how they can fight it.

Chapter 48:  Just When
     Mr. Punch remains in the nursery with Colin and Dog Toby.  He talks to the child, telling him that they've all had enough travel and stating that he's  eager to go home.  Punch says he's glad that Colin will not remember his grandmother.  Since it's Punch's job to keep the memories he has no such luxury.  Just when the memories don't seem as painful, something happens to bring them back to the front of his mind.  He wonders if he'll ever be rid of the horrors of what Pauline did to Julian.  Suddenly the nursery door opens and closes on its own.

Chapter 49:  M'Lady
     Ivy is beside herself with grief knowing that the Duchess' body has been found.  She is horrified that Robert, Charles and Gerard removed the body in a crate and has started to cause a scene when Gregory pulls her into a corner where no one will notice her.  He warns her not to draw attention to what's happening so as not to spook the maids and other servants whom her refers to as superstitious simpletons.  Ivy asks Gregory to go to the crypt to see that the body is being handled with dignity, but Gregory refuses, replying that there's no way to do so without being spotted.  he refuses all of her requests, saying that he hopes that if he cooperates that he'll be kept on because he needs to job and no other estate will have him.  He tells Ivy to get her act together and leaves.  Alone Ivy swears her vengeance and, in an odd state, mumbles that she can feel and hear the late Duchess and that they will carry on with their plan without the men.  She then heads to Morgana's room.

Chapter 50:  Keys
     Morgana and Gamilla are shocked when Ivy enters Morgana's room.  Gamilla tells Morgana to leave, and Ivy makes some veiled threats.  Morgana is frightened, but Gamilla tells Ivy that she doesn't scare her.  Punch is quite upset to find Ivy there when he arrives with Colin, Ethel and Dog Toby.  He says there's no excuse for Ivy to have disobeyed his orders to stay away from Morgana.  Punch wants to tell Gamilla what happened in the nursery, but first he asks Ivy if she will show him the cell where she had kept Morgana.  Ivy resists at first, but relents.  After Punch and Ivy leave, Ethel deduces that Punch intends to lock Ivy in the cell.

Chapter 51:  Manacles
     Ivy shows Punch the cell where Morgana had been kept.  Punch asks how she managed to find such a hidden place and Ivy explained that it was Jackson who intially found it and Gregory who installed the chains, shackles and leg irons.  Punch insists upon a demonstration of the manacles, and demands that Ivy hand over the keys.  He shackles Ivy to the wall, locking her in the cell, leaving her to wonder how Morgana must have felt over the last year.

Chapter 52:  Grating
     Robert, Charles and Gerard are in the crypt, "unpacking" the Duchess of Fallbridge and Robert is still shocked at what's transpired.  The men have many questions, including how Jackson managed to get the duchess' body from America to England.  They wonder where to put her.  Robert decides to just leave her in the crate for the time being so that they can return to the house.  Suddenly, he hears a noise and they realize that they crypt gate has slammed shut.  They've been locked in!

Chapter 53:  Rot There
     Punch, after sending Gamilla to escort Ethel and the baby back to the nursery, chats with Morgana.  Morgana is proud of her new Great-nephew.  She asks if Punch confined Miss Blessum in her old cell.  Punch confirms that he did and Morgana says that she hopes Ivy rots there.  She notices that Punch is nervous that Robert and the valets have not returned yet.  Gamilla comes back and says she's found Georgie to stay with Ethel and the baby.  Punch is comforted by this, but is still worried about Robert, Charles and Gerard.  Suddenly, they hear a noise at the door, and Punch thinks Robert has returned.  However, the noise is the sound of the door locking from the other side.

Chapter 54:  Not with Metal
     Gamilla says the door is not locked by a key, but rather by some other force.  The other door to the room is as well.  Furthermore, the bell pull won't move.  Gamilla says that the room has been taken over by the spirit of the late Duchess of Fallbridge who is angry at having been moved.  Gamilla has a vision that Robert, Charles and Gerard have also been similarly trapped, but that she feels Colin is safe.  She says there is a way to confront the spirit, if Punch is willing.  

Chapter 55:   Close
     Violet is trying to look after a still-rattled Lennie and attempting to encourage the woman to prepare for the impending arrival of the Earl of Cleaversworth.  Lennie is bothered by the close atmosphere of her suite and bemoans that the windows won't open.  Violet notes that the windows in the passage open.  Lennie is worried about her family and Violet suggests that she go to look in on the various family members while Lennie selects a dress.  Lennie is grateful.  Alone, Lennie wonders how she'll explain all that's happened to Matthew.  Stifled by the room, she goes out to the passage for fresher air.  There, she hears the name "Ellen."  Hearing her given name annoys her for a variety of reasons and she follows the haunting sound.  

Chapter 56:  The First Exit
     Robert and Charles try to keep Gerard from hurting himself as the man tries to break down the crypt gate.  Gerard is going quite mad being trapped in the crypt.  He's worried about his pregnant wife and the others waiting for them at the Hall.  The men look around the crypt, sure that there must be another exit.  Suddenly, the gate opens as quickly as it closed.  They leave as they grating shuts behind them.

Chapter 57:  A Look of Panic
     Gamilla and Punch prepare Morgana for a makeshift seance in the Vermillion Suite just as the doors which had been mysteriously sealed for hours suddenly open on their own.  As the three hurry into the passage, they race to the nursery and are relieved to find everything all right.  They're joined there by Robert, Charles and Gerard who are equally pleased to find everyone unharmed.  However, they soon realize that Lennie isn't with them.  When Violet comes running toward the group in a panic, they quickly know something is amiss.

Chapter 58:  Reception
     Lennie is agitated, having followed the voice throughout the house.  She arrives in a room she's not seen before--some grand reception room.  The voice still calls out her name, "Ellen."  She concludes that it must be Ivy, but as the voice continues, she begins to have a strange feeling and suddenly realizes that it isn't Ivy.  Just as she's about to flee the room, the drapes open on their own and a woman appears, a woman who looks like the late Duchess of Fallbridge.

Chapter 59:  A Storm
    Without flinching, Lennie faces what seems to be the specter of her late mother.  The spirit calls Lennie insolent, however Lennie does not back down and tells the phantom that she's not welcome there.  Though the ghost mocks Lennie, the young woman is not rattled and compares her mother to a storm.  When the vision says that a storm can kill, Lennie replies that it also can dissipate and fade into the ground.  She then walks away from the phantom.

Chapter 60:  Sputter
     Punch is thrilled to find Lennie and rushes toward her, followed by Robert, Charles and Violet.  Lennie recounts seeing the shade of the Duchess of Fallbridge in the Quartz Reception Hall.  She states how she must sound mad, but Charles replies that they've all seen very strange things.  Punch wishes to let Morgana know that Lennie is safe and Lennie agrees that they must.  Gerard is watching Morgana's room, but is distracted by the sound of a woman crying.  Believing it to be Gamilla, he leaves his post.  The phantom appears to a very frightened Morgana, taunting her.

Chapter 61:  Indignity
     Morgana tries to recall what Gamilla had told her in dealing with evil forces, but finds herself terrified by the specter of the duchess who is quite the bully.  The spirit taunts Morgana viciously, calling her unwanted.  Morgana's anger gets the better of her and she lashes out, but the duchess makes her back down.  The spirit tells Morgana that she intends to find life once again and conquer all who have "wronged" her, and she intends to devour Morgana in the process.

Chapter 62:  Decisions
     Punch, Robert and Lennie try to calm down Morgana as they tell her that the spirit has gone.  Punch is adamant that they should return to London at once.  He does not want Colin exposed to that evil nor does he want pregnant Gamilla exposed to it.  They all agree that they need to leave, but there's one complication--Matthew is about to arrive.  Morgana raises a good point, one with which Lennie ultimately agrees.  Is it right to leave the spirit roaming free?  Shouldn't they try to stop it?  Matthew's arrival interrupts the conversation.

Chapter 63:  A Lovely Welcome
     Robert and Punch hurry down to meet Matthew.  They try their best to put on happy faces.  Matthew can immediately see that something isn't right and wonders where Lennie is.  Punch explains that she's gone to change her gown.  Matthew presses to find out what might have happened, thinking that the memories of Fallbridge Hall have gotten to Punch.  Punch explains that he's discovered an aunt he never knew existed.  Matthew laughs it off, saying the best families in England all have illegitimate members who are floating about.  The difference is that Punch accepts these members into the thick of the family.  Matthew is under the impression that this aunt is deceased.  Punch explains that she is not, she is alive and has been living in Fallbridge Hall.  Matthew looks forward to meeting her.  Punch and Robert try to explain that Morgana is "different" in a tactful way.  Finally, an exhausted Punch, losing patience blurts out that she's a "Lobster Woman."  Matthew is notably taken aback.

Chapter 64:  A Lady Nonetheless
     Before going down to greet Matthew, Lennie visits Morgana in her room to show off her dress and jewels.  Morgana tells Lennie how lovely she looks and says she wishes that Lennie were here very own daughter.  Lennie tells Morgana that she's been more of a mother to her than anyone else.  Lennie asks Morgana if she'll meet Matthew.  Morgana says she cannot.  Lennie pleads with her aunt, and Morgana replies that she cannot because she is a monster.  Lennie convinces her aunt otherwise.

Chapter 65:  A Cup of Tea
     Ivy finds herself released from Morgana's old cell by the spirit of the Duchess of Fallbridge who commands her to bring Morgana to the parsonage.  The ghost insists that Ivy do whatever is needed, but not to kill Morgana or harm her face.  Meanwhile, Matthew is thrilled to see Lennie, but the reunion is quickly soured when Matthew inadvertently seems callous about Morgana's time in the carnival.  Lennie speaks harshly to her fiance and doesn't seem to want to let go of her hurt at his accidental slip of the tongue.  Punch, too, is quite annoyed with the Earl's sloppy speech.

Chapter 66:  How Much Trouble
     The Earl of Cleaversworth's man, Perkins, finds familiar faces in the kitchens of Fallbridge Hall.  He joins Mrs. Pepper, Maudie and George and complains that the Yorkshire staff is not at all friendly.  They agree and explain that's why the Duke has put them in separate quarters.  Perkins notes the informality of the Duke's household and asks if they'll call him "Freddy."  He wonders what there is to do in the village for fun, asking if there's a pub.  Mrs. Pepper is annoyed by this, thinking that Freddy might be a bad influence on her son.

Chapter 67:  Unfamiliar
     Alone, Lennie and Matthew have a chance to talk...or, actually argue.  Lennie is still miffed about the way Matthew spoke of Morgana.  Matthew explains that he's used to being in his club where no one listens to him and he can just prattle on without thinking.  He makes a few other stupid comments which further annoy Lennie and he pleads with her to be patient and more...  She interrupts him, suggesting that he means, "timid."  She begins a rant that she has already made her contribution to timidness--a contribution which cost her family dearly.  Matthew reminds her that some good came of that as well.  He tells her that he knows he has faults, but he loves her and that he accepts her for who she is and hopes she can do the same for him.  Lennie confesses that she's exhausted and the two agree to start anew.

Chapter 68:  The Scavenger
     Robert takes a moment to look in on Morgana and it's really the first chance the two have to bond.  Robert asks her if he may call her "Auntie" and she says that she would expect him to.  They talk a bit about their family.  Robert reveals that he has another reason for checking on her as well.  Morgana knows already, she can sense it.  Ivy has escaped.  Robert just wants to go back to London, but Morgana says the evil will follow them.

Chapter 69:  Tossed Away
     Freddy has convinced George to sneak out of the Hall and go with him into the village.  They're caught by Gregory who is outside smoking.  George tries to get Freddy away from Gregory, but Fred is lured by the older man's cigarettes and talk of fun.  Gregory fakes an apology to George for his earlier behavior.  Freddy buys it and puts George on the spot.  Gregory gives Freddy a cigarette to distract him and seductively tells George that he's disposable to the Duke and his family and that he has to take care of himself as a man, hoping to get George on his side.  He, then tells the boys he can get women for them, asking George if he's ready to be a man.

Chapter 70:  Theater
     Mr. Punch checks to see if Robert is asleep and slips out of bed.  He notices that Dog Toby is watching him and whispers that he's sorry he has to sneak out, but he has something that he must do.  Punch quietly creeps into the hallway and tries not to pay attention to the portraits and other things from the past which might disturb him.  He knows what he must do--he must go to Julian's old rooms and confront the spirit of his mother.

Chapter 71:  My Lad
     Gregory leads Freddy and George further and further from the Hall.  George is made increasingly sicker by the smell of the tobacco smoke and begins to wonder where Gregory is taking them.  When Gregory makes an unexpected turn, the younger men point out that the village is the other way.  Gregory takes them to the edge of the estate and, then, off of the estate to a shack where he promises them untold delights.  He says the Duke knows nothing about it, but that Hargrave and Causer are likely there themselves.

Chapter 72:  A Good Little Soldier
     Gerard and Charles awaken Robert who is surprised to find the Mr. Punch isn't there.  The two valets try to keep Robert calm, but he is increasingly bothered when he realizes the Punch has been gone for quite a long time.  He insists that they find Punch before anything else.  Reluctantly, Gerard and Charles tell Robert that Georgie and and Perkins are also not in the house.  Robert is furious and asks Gerard to send one of the Hall's men to go find them, unaware the Gregory is also with them.  Charles has the idea that Toby could help find Punch.  As they begin looking, Robert realizes that Punch must be in his old rooms.

Chapter 73:  A Fascinating Combination
     Robert finds Punch in his old rooms and takes Toby in to join him.  Punch is apologetic for having left their bedroom,  but tries to explain that he felt he had to.  He tells Robert about times from his/Julian's past when the duchess made him wait there for a punishment and would never come. Even her spirit didn't show, Punch explains.  He feels tricked and ashamed.  Robert reminds him how he's changed and that he is the unassailable master of the house.  Punch corrects his companion, stating that, together, it is their household.  

Chapter 74:  Poison
     Gerard finds Freddy who is clearly still recovering from a night of drinking.  He demands to know where Freddy was, and where George is, but Freddy is defensive.  Charles joins them and insists that Freddy tell them the truth.  Freddy admits that he and George left the house overnight, but won't say with whom.  He says George left on his own to come home, yet George doesn't seem to have made it back.  Freddy lets it slip that it was Gregory who took them out.  Gerard and Charles tell the young man that he will have to pay the price if anything has happened to George.

Chapter 75:  Compassion
   George awakens to find himself in a strange place with an unfamiliar man.  The man introduces himself as Mr. Quick, the vicar, and tells George that he will help the young man recover from his sins.  George begins to panic.  Quick insists that the masters have been informed that he is in the vicarage, but when Ivy Blessum appears, Georgie knows it's a lie.  Ivy then has Quick overpower George as they administer some strange potion, explaining that George will be a source of skin for the reanimation of the late Duchess of Fallbridge.

Chapter 76:  I'll See To It
     Mrs. Pepper is understandably upset that her son, George, is still missing.  Young Maudie tries to comfort the cook and offers to take over the morning breakfast duties so that Mrs. Pepper can try to rest.  William arrives to take Morgana's oatmeal to her and Maude snaps at him, associating him with the less-than-pleasant permanent staff of the Hall.  She apologizes and confesses that William is one of the few there who is nice--in fact the only one.  She says she thinks the Duke will want to take him back to London and William is grateful, recounting the horrible things he's faces from Jackson, Hargrave, Causer and Quick.  He points out the Quick is always speaking of sin, but he's caught the parson looking at him in a lecherous way.  Maude wonders if George has somehow fallen into the hands of the men who have taunted William.  William admits he thought as much as well, but says he has been afraid to speak up for fear of retribution.  Maude insists that William confess what might have happened to George to the Duke and Robert and says she will arrange it so that he can have an audience with them.

Chapter 77:  Wild
     Morgana hears a knock on her door and assumes it's William with her breakfast.  She begins to feel nervous.  After all, she still wasn't used to regular human interaction.  It had only been a couple of days since she'd been freed from her dark cell, and then, for years before that she had acted the part of a wild woman in the traveling freak show.  She steadied herself by reminding herself of the faith and trust put in her by her family.  Sadly, the person who opened the door was not William and had not come to help her.

Chapter 78:  Oppressed
     Punch and Robert finish dressing and Robert can tell that Punch is still, rightfully distressed.  They speak of going home, but they both know that they can't leave Fallbridge Hall as it is, and that their troubles will follow them.  Punch requests that they visit Morgana before going to join Matthew and Lennie for breakfast.  At Morgana's suite, they find the door open and their auntie's breakfast untouched.  As they try to piece together what might have happened, they discover a bloodied white glove--concluding it's William's.  Punch insists that they go straight to the nursery.

Chapter 79:  Cutting
     Ivy confronts a bloodied Mr. Causer, demanding to know if he harmed Morgana in any way.  Causer argues that it was he who was harmed and countered that it didn't matter if they hurt Morgana because all they needed was their head which the intended to cut off.  Nonetheless Ivy continued to be protective of Morgana as the two discussed Mr. Quick's and Mr. Jackson's peculiar plan to revive the late Duchess.  Causer is confused why they've captured two young men--George and William--to provide skin for the project when the Duchess is female, but Ivy assures him that Gregory has supplied them with what they need.  Causer confesses that Mr. Hargrave went to Hall at the summons of the Duke who clearly has realized that William and Morgana are missing in addition to George.  Ivy is incensed by this and Causer tells her to calm down lest she have a fit.  She tells him that when order is restored, it is she who will be rewarded.

Chapter 80:  Corruption
     Punch is furious at Hagrave's lack of initiative in helping to find Morgana, George and William.  Punch, Lennie and Robert order the Land Agent to gather the estate's farmers to assist in the search.  Hargrave tells the Duke that the farmers don't have warm feelings for the House of Fallbridge, and Punch reminds the man that if that's so, it isn't his doing, but rather that of Hargrave himself and the edicts of his late mother.  Punch is taken aback when Hargrave makes a comment about Morgana and realizes that he's complicit with Jackson and Ivy.  He tells the man to do as he's told and that he will meet with him at the vicarage in an hour.  Hargrave tries to hide his nervousness at the idea of the Duke going to the vicarage.  When the man leaves, Punch, Robert and Lennie confirm that, as always, they're on their own along with their friends.

Chapter 81:  Keep Them
     Gamilla finds Maudie in the kitchens and knows the girl is upset that George is still missing, and, now, also Morgana and William.  Maudie seems to feel helpless, and Gamilla reminds her to not give in to the bad thoughts.  She also tells Maudie that she's proud of her.  They speak of Ethel and how Ethel is also worried, and, again, Gamilla reminds Maudie to keep her thoughts about the peaceful.  She brings up Jenny and the talk briefly about how Jenny died so gruesomely, but how Gamilla knows that Jenny is now at peace.  Gamilla suggests that Ethel come downstairs so the two girls can comfort one another, but Gamilla cautions Maude to help her keep her wits about her.  As she walks off, Gamilla whispers to Jenny to watch over the girls.

Chapter 82:  They Shall Protect Us
     An anxious Hargrave rushes to the vicarage to let Quick and Jackson know that he thinks the Duke and Lord Colinshire are aware of the collusion and that the Duke will be arriving at the vicarage in just an hour.  Jackson begins to panic and wonders how they'll be able to hide Mogana, William, and George as well as the duchess' corpose in broad daylight.  Both Hargrave and Jackson are shocked at Quick's calm, but he assures them that the duchess will protect them and that before she died, she left something behind that would make their task very easy.

Chapter 83:  Under the Earth
     Gerard goes to check on Gamilla in the nursery.  He reports that they've had no luck in finding Morgana, George or William.  Gerard is worried about how his pregnant wife is feeling.  In fact, he's worried and depressed in general.  Gamilla tries to cheer her husband, but she begins to feel a little ill.  She senses the aroma of damp earth, and begins to get an image of Morgana, George and William traveling under the earth.  As Gerard says that he's going to get Punch and Robert, Gamilla passes out.

Chapter 84:  Their Own Power
     Gerard pleads for Robert to help Gamilla, and the doctor assures the valet that she's fine.  Gamilla awakens in shirt order and repeats that Morgana, William and George are under the earth.  Gerard is mildly relieved, but is still worried about his wife.  Charles arrives and says that he can't find Ethel, Maude, Violet or Her Ladyship--alarming Punch and Robert.  Charles and Gerard take Gamilla to her bed and Punch and Robert speculate about the missing women.  Punch tries to convince himself that the impetuous women left to go look for Morgana, George and William, but Robert fears that they've fallen victim to the same fate as the others who are missing.

Chapter 85:  They Will Try
     Morgana, William And Georgie awaken in some kind of damp cavern.  The boys only have blankets to cover themselves, though Morgana remains fully clothed.  They're all still recovering from the terrible elixir they were given.  While they're all panicking, William is the worst of the lot, and he's beginning to annoy George who continues to tell him to be quiet.  They realize that they're in trouble.  Morgana explains that she thinks that they're going to be used to bring her dead sister back to life.  This only upsets William all the more.  They realize their location is more of a tunnel than a cave, and it could be the tunnel that leads the vicarage to the local bawdy house.  They vow to find a way out.

Chapter 86:  The Key
     Lennie tries to comfort Maudie and Ethel as she and Violet search the estate for Morgana, George and William.  Lennie tries to reassure the younger girls that she will take full responsibility for their sneaking out on their own.  Maude is concerned that the Duke and Robert will be upset.  Ethel can't help remember when she did something similar while they were in London--an action which resulted in Jenny's death.  Lennie explains that though they don't know the estate, they do know how less-than honest people function and that's all they need to know to find Jackson and Ivy who are undoubtedly the keys to the mystery.  Violet spots a man who looks like Jackson going into the chapel and Lennie feels their expedition has been worth it so far.

Chapter 87:  A Fairy Story
     Lennie and the young women find Jackson in the crypt and corner him.  Lennie asks what he's doing there and he replies that he's doing the same thing that she is, paying his respects to her mother.  Lennie begins to taunt the man saying that he had no respect for the woman he purported to worship--by keeping her body in a cupboard.  Lennie sends Maude and Ethel to fetch Robert and Punch, but Violet insists on staying behind with her mistress.  Jackson is not taking any of Lennie's arguments and remains calm, stating that she has no authority, and that he still only takes his orders from the late duchess.  Lennie continues to taunt the old man, telling him she should look in the "casket" even though she's certain there's nothing in there.  She's right. It's empty.  Jackson confesses that they caught him coming back to retrieve a comb that had fallen from the dried corpse.  He offers the comb to Lennie.  As Violet pleads with Lennie not to take it, Jackson scratches her, making a reference to the poisoned comb in Snow White.

Chapter 88:  Teeth
     Lennie is shocked the see that her hand has been cut.  Violet protectively wraps Lennie's hand in her apron and tries to get her mistress to leave the crypt, but Lennie will not budge.  Jackson creepily quotes lines from the fairy tale "Snow White."  Soon, Lennie realizes that the cut is very bad, and, furthermore, she's likely been poisoned.  She collapses, and Violet helps her.  While Violet isn't looking, Jackson hurries out.

Chapter 89:  Lamb
     As Robert and Gerard help Gamilla settle in for a rest, she bolts up and declares that she's had a vision that Lennie is in danger.  She sees that Lennie is also beneath the earth, but she's not with Morgana, Georgie and William.  Gamilla senses that Lennie is with Violet and that they're int he crypt.  Just as Robert and Gerard process this, Punch calls out from the next room where he and Charles have just been told by Maudie and Ethel that Lennie and Violet are with Jackson.  As Punch, Robert and Charles hurry to the crypt, Punch stops to pick up a heavy bronze candlestick and declares that if any harm has come to Lennie, he will tenderize Jackson into flesh as soft as a new lamb.

Chapter 90:  Blood
     Matthew joins Punch, Robert and Charles as they hurry to the crypt to see what's happened with Lennie.  As they run, Robert and Punch explain that the circumstances surrounding the discovery of Morgana were more complicated than they let on.  The men are shocked to find Lennie prostrate on the floor of the crypt.  A tearful Violet explains that Jackson cut Lennie with a poisoned comb.  Robert examined Lennie and sees that the cut has already become infected.  He's worried that the poison is in her blood and that he's unsure of what the poison is.  He declares that they must remove the poison from her system.  Punch innocently declares that he wishes he could give his own blood to his sister.  Robert says that there have been successful blood transfusions, but there have been many more that were unsuccessful.  Matthew helps carry Lennie back to the house.

Chapter 91:  Silence Me
     Still trapped, Georgie, William and Morgana try to decide what to do.  George and Morgana think they should venture further into the tunnel, but William is resistant.  He thinks that if they go toward the bawdy house, they'll still be in danger because "Miss Lottie" is in league with Causer and Hargrave.  George argues that they have no choice, but William is still nervous and starts to panic.  George tries to silence him because he hears someone coming, but it's too late.  As Ivy comes into the cavern, she declares that she has heard them from above.  When George tries to protect Morgana, Ivy taunts him, calling Morgana a monster.  George intervenes and Ivy threatens him with a knife.  William bravely tries to disarm Ivy, knocking the woman over.  Ivy is not about to be stopped.  Though frail, she manages to grab William, stabbing him in the heart.

Chapter 92:  Mercy
     Annoyed by the noise from below, Quick hurries to the cavern and is against to find the Ivy has stabbed William.  He exclaims that it's too soon! Scolding Ivy by telling her that the skin must be fresh for the procedure, Quick becomes all the more upset.  Ivy says that William is still alive, but while the two are arguing, the young man dies.  George and Morgana are heartbroken.  George tries to help Morgana escape, but Quick warns them that Hargrave and Causer will kill them both if they do.  Ivy suggests that they can replace William with Fred, and Causer is somewhat relieved.  However, he's still annoyed with Ivy and decides to leave her in the cavern with Morgana, George and William's corpse--as, what he describes, an act of mercy.

Chapter 93:  A Promise
     Stuck in a sort of limbo between life and death, Lennie's spirit in trapped with the spirit of her late mother of tries to entice Lennie to follow her.  Lennie, of course, will have none of it, and tells her dead mother as much.  Pauline, however, thickly puts on the Fallbridge charm.  Still, Lennie is not moved.  Finally, the duchess' spirit has had enough and begins to make some terrifying threats.

Chapter 94:  Fit Enough
     In Lennie's room, Punch and Matthew wait while Robert examines Lennie.  Matthew can see that Punch is very upset, and tries in his own awkward way to comfort him.  Punch feels a sense of guilt for bringing his family back to Fallbridge Hall.  Robert calls Punch over and tells Punch that unfortunately, he was right, a blood transfusion is the only way to save Lennie.  Punch is ready to proceed.

Chapter 95:  Monsters
     Meanwhile, underground, George covers Williams corpse as Ivy mocks him.  Ivy continues to tease Morgana who counters that she never felt the need to speak to Ivy because she knew that by acting as a monster she had more to gain.  Morgana continues that there are two kinds of monsters in the world--those who are perceived as different, and those who blend in, but who are actually dangerous.  She tells Ivy that Ivy is of the latter category.  Ivy continues to spit out her insults, and George has reached his limit, threatening the old woman who remains unfazed.  Suddenly, the trapdoor opens, and Fred is forced into the chamber.

Chapter 96:  A Battle
     Gamilla whispers to an unconscious Lennie while Gerard and Robert look on.  Gerard is still concerned about Gamilla's health after her earlier fainting spell and Robert tries to assure him that he won't put Gamilla in any danger.  Gerard states that he's also worried about Lennie and Robert tells his valet that he's aware of that.  Matthew asks Gerard if he's seen his man, Fred Perkins, who seems to have gone missing again.  Of course, Fred has been captured, but they don't know that.  Gerard suggests that if anyone knows where Perkins is, it's Gregory.  Matthew says that it isn't important.  Gamilla calls Robert over and tells him that she's not so sure it's poison that's taken hold of Lennie.  She says that she feels Lennie is caught in an internal, spiritual battle with her mother.  Robert asks how to stop it and Gamilla says she may know how.

Chapter 97:  Mara   

     Still trapped between the world of the living and the world of the dead, Lennie tries her best to understand where she is and what's happening.  She can't quite grasp her situation and, so, she tries to recall what's happened, hoping, also, that this will serve to distract her from the voice of her dead mother.  Lennie recalls the scene with Jackson in the crypt and how it lead to her present condition.  She realizes that she's rather in a state no unlike how she'd seen her mother's specter and wonders if she, too, is just a mask-like face now and nothing more.  Lennie focuses on the fact that she must still be alive, and thinks about her family and how they must be working to protect her.  She remembers how she used to have nightmares wherein she felt as if a witch or goblin, Mara, would sit upon her chest and paralyze her.  Pauline can hear Lennie's thoughts and interrupts.  The dead duchess tries to twist Lennie's memories and confuse the woman to extract a mysterious promise from her, but, Lennie is too smart for it.  The duchess' power begins to fade, and she grudgingly confesses that Lennie knows too much.  She leaves Lennie to suffer between life and death.

Chapter 98:  The Puzzle
     Freddy is drugged and confused, not to mention terrified.  George tries to calm down the young man, but as he begins to realize he's trapped, he wants to know what's going on.  When Fred spots William's body, he is understandably upset and confused by Ivy's callous response.  Morgana and Georgie try their best to explain what's happening, and Fred is repulsed to think that they're going to be used to help in the resurrection of the duchess, commenting that they're going to be cut up to be used like pieces of a puzzle with Morgana being used like some doll's head.    This gives Morgana an idea, and she whispers to George and Fred, asking them to trust her.  Of course George trusts her.  Fred seems to resist, at first, but relents.  As Ivy grows suspicious, Morgana quickly reveals her plan.

Chapter 99:  Barely Human
     Quick comes to the cavern to prepare Freddy for the "transformation."  He tells Ivy that she can go to get something to eat, if she must, but that she has to return to the cavern.  Ivy complains that Jackson gets his freedom and she doesn't and Quick retorts that Jackson's freedom has only caused more trouble for them--such as Lennie's injury.  Morgana is upset by this news and Quick tries to shut her up, angering George.  Quick tells Fred to strip and Fred objects until Quick threatens Morgana if Fred doesn't cooperate.  Morgana feigns her old "animalistic" act and begins to act as a madwoman to frighten Quick.  It works.  Georgie, playing along, suggests that there's only one thing which can calm her.  The Jar of Heads.

Chapter 100:  A Certain Sort of Mind
     Punch explains to Robert that he thinks that it might be better to proceed with their original plan to perform the blood transfusion on Lennie as opposed to following Gamilla's hunch.  Punch says that he's surprised that Robert, who usually takes a more scientific approach, is so quick to accept Gamilla's claim that Lennie is trapped in some sort of internal spiritual battle.  Robert answers that he's seen all manner of things that he can't explain and that Gamilla has proven to be right more often than not.  He goes on to tell Punch that it could well be that Lennie has been affected by some sort of mesmerizing potion which causes a death-like state--the sort of thing with which herbalists experimented in the Sixteenth Century. Punch notes that even as recently as his own childhood his mother and Jackson experimented with such things and recalls some terrible experiences with his mother.  The memory upsets Robert who repeats how much he loathed the duchess.  Punch realizes that he's letting worry cloud his judgement and that he knows that Gamilla's assertion is correct.  He also realizes that they must act quickly.  Robert confides that Fred Perkins has gone missing, a fact which further disturbs Punch.  As they hurry off to Lenny's room, Robert tries to reassure Punch that Lennie will weather this storm.

Chapter 101:  Gone Mad Again
     Quick hurries back upstairs where he entreats Hargrave and Causer to help him, claiming that Morgana has gone mad again and needs to be soothed before she ruins her face.  He insists that Hargrave and Causer go the Fallbridge Hall to fetch "The Jar of Heads."  The two men scoff at the idea and say that it's the surest way to get all of them caught.  Quick insists that they figure something out and that, if they have to, they should involve Ivy.  He realizes that he's been gone too long, and goes back to the cavern where he's pleased to find that Freddy has stripped.  Quick is alarmed at first when he doesn't see George, but Fred tells him that George took some of the elixir and went to sleep.  He points to a covered mass in the corner and Quick assumes that it is, in fact, George asleep.  Morgana continues with her madwoman act, and it annoys Quick who tells her to stay out of the way.  He orders her to do something useful like fold Fred's clothes so he can focus on "preparing" the boy.  Then, Quick notices that Fred's clothes are not there.  Fred lies and days that they dressed William's corpse for dignity, but Quick doesn't buy it and wants to see the corpse.  He realizes that the covered body is not George, but William's corpse.  Morgana confesses that while Quick was upstairs George, dressed in Freddy's clothes, escaped and is, by then, surely at Fallbridge Hall.  She continues that at any moment her nephew and Robert will be coming for them.  Quick says that may be so, but they won't find her--not in one piece.

Chapter 102:  The Chain
     As Violet brings the items Gamilla requested, Matthew questions Gamilla's competence.  Gamilla explains that though she's never performed that particular ritual before, she has seen it performed dozens of times by her mother and grandmother.  Punch and Robert shut up Matthew by telling him that Gamilla knows what she's doing.  Gerard is concerned that the ritual could be dangerous, but Gamilla tries to reassure him and says that she'll explain how it works.  Gamilla explains that she will hold one of Lennie's hands while the person closest to Lennie in life will hold her other. This other person should be Mr. Punch, of course.  Punch and Gamilla will, then, join hands over Lennie's body, forming a triangle.  Both of them will keep their eyes shut and have to concentrate while Gamilla chants.  When Gamilla manages to reach the "other side" to join Lennie, and, hopefully help her return, Punch must concentrate on Lennie and Gamilla.  If his concentration is broken, the risk is that they could lose either Lennie or Gamilla or both.  Robert suggests that maybe they should clear the room, but no one else seems willing to leave.  Gamilla says everyone's energy should help, as long as they all remain quiet.  They begin the ritual and need complete silence!  Meanwhile, downstairs, George manages to reach the Hall where he's almost stopped by Gregory.  Mrs. Pepper spots her son and the two are reunited.  Georgie tearfully and quickly recounts the horror he endured, and Mrs. Pepper is shocked.  She says they must go to the Duke--at once!

Chapter 103:  Christian Names
     Quick, Jackson and Ivy bring Morgana to Miss Charlotte who, at first, seems resistant to the idea of taking Morgana in.  Morgana has been drugged to keep her calm and quiet.  Quick manages to charm Charlotte who agrees to take Morgana in and keep her in a room in the bawdy house until nightfall.  Jackson and Ivy will stick around to guard her.  Quick goes off on his own, vowing that he will soon be reunited with the duchess.

Chapter 104:  Echoes
     In her private limbo, Lennie is aware of a foreign noise and tries to figure out what it is.  Soon, the sound grows louder and she recognizes it as a voice--hoping it's not her mother's specter returning.  Lennie realizes that it's Gamilla's voice, and soon, Gamilla's image can be seen.  Gamilla encourages Lennie to picture a ribbon linking them together, and, tells Lennie that there's a window through which they can both return to life.  Suddenly, the window goes dark and Lennie doesn't feel that they're moving anymore.  Gamilla says that the "chain has been broken."

Chapter 105:  Never Forgive
     Punch opens his eyes to find Gamilla has fainted over Lennie's bed.  Still holding the hands of his sister and Gamilla, Punch realizes that he broke his  concentration and, as Gamilla warned, Gamilla is lost "on the other side."  Gerard lashes out at Punch, telling him that he'll never forgive his master for putting his wife and unborn child in danger.  Punch tearfully says that his attention was grabbed when Mrs. Pepper and George came into the room and George shouted his horrible news and that Morgana is still in danger.  Gerard is unmoved.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Pepper is confused by what's happening and George is further upset.  In the chaos, tempers continue to flare as everyone panics.  Punch wishes that Marjani, their old friend from New Orleans who also practiced Voodoo, could be there with them because she could have helped Gamilla.  He also wishes for his former valet, Naasir, an African man with strange and mystical powers of his own. However, Naasir sacrificed his own life in order to save Punch's.  Unable to help in any way, Punch says he will attend to Mrs. Pepper and George and hopefully learn from George how to rescue his auntie.

Chapter 106:  Cup o' Tea
     While Blessum and Jackson are being fed, Charlotte pays a visit to Morgana and begins to feel pity for the woman.  She tells Morgana that she had a brother who was born with a hunchback and clubfoot and she knows that it's difficult to live that way.  She offers Morgana some tea, but realizes that because Morgana is bound, she cannot drink it.  Charlotte tells Morgana a bit about her own life and seems apologetic for being involved with Jackson and the others.  Charlotte offers to undo the ropes so Morgana can take some tea.

Chapter 107:  Bring Her Back
     Gerard is still shattered, and Robert shows compassion for the young man.  He suggests that Gerard speak with Gamilla, hoping that the sound of his voice will bring her back.  Robert explains that there's no medical reason why she shouldn't awaken.  Gerard realizes he's been taking out his fear on everyone, and he apologizes.  Robert says there's no need to apologize because everyone understands.  Leaving Gerard with Gamilla and Lennie, Robert joins Punch who is listening to George's harrowing tale.  Punch knows that he must quickly go to find Morgana and Perkins.  Charles volunteers to go with Punch and George, and, surprisingly, Matthew does as well.

Chapter 108:  Beware
     Gerard watches over his unconscious wife and Lennie.  He whispers to Gamilla that he needs for her to return to him and tells her that he didn't really begin to live until he met her.  Overcome with emotion, Gerard, at first, doesn't believe it when he hears Gamilla's voice.  Then, he sees that she's awakening.  Furthermore, Lennie is, too.  Gerard calls for Robert and the two are pleased to see the women regaining consciousness.  However, they've not come back alone.

Chapter 109:  Ensnared
     As Lennie and Gamilla continue to awaken, Robert calls for Violet to assist.  Robert and Gerard attempt to keep Gamilla and Lennie calm, but the two are clearly upset.  They both say that they've brought "her" back with them--stronger than before.  Lennie and Gamilla explain that in order for them to escape, Gamilla called upon Punch's dead valet, Naasir, for guidance.  Naasir seems to appear with the spirit of William, and Gamilla quickly realizes that it's a demon in Naasir's form, and not Naasir.  William sacrifices his own spirit to save the two women, but, in doing so, strengthens the duchess' ghost.  The women plead with Robert and Gerard to go and find Mr. Punch, saying he's in danger because Pauline's ghost is trying to pull him into a trap.  They also say that Pauline has fed on another soul--that of a woman names Charlotte who tried to help Morgana.  Lennie states that Pauline is trying to lead Punch to the folly, and she must be stopped.

Chapter 110: Comprehension
     Quick is furious to learn that Jackson and Ivy have murdered Charlotte.  Hargrave attempts to explain that the duo did so because they caught the prostitute trying to help Morgana, and reminds the parson that killing Charlotte was part of the plan all along.  Quick retorts that it's the second time that Ivy has acted too soon.  Killing William and Charlotte, says Quick, makes their bodies useless for the upcoming "ritual."  Causer comes in and tells Quick that the duke, Charles and Matthew are headed toward the vicarage.  Quick wants to make sure that Punch won't find the bodies and Hargrave assures him that the duke will not.  Quick is ready, then, for Punch and tells Hargrave that it's his intention to tell the duke the truth.

Chapter 111:  In Motion
     Punch, Charles and Matthew arrive at the parsonage and Punch demands that Quick tell him where his aunt and Perkins are.  Quick confesses that they're not there, but won't say where they've been taken.  The vicar insists that he'll be honest with the Duke.  Punch is terribly annoyed by Quick's coy attitude, and more so put out when Quick repeats that Punch will not be able to stop the resurrection of his mother.

Chapter 112:  For Her Grace's Amusement
     Morgana awakens in a strange place and finds herself in the company of Jackson and Ivy.  The wicked duo taunts Morgana, teasing her about her appearance and telling her that since she's a "Lobster Girl" that perhaps they should eat her.  Morgana has recovered her voice and begins to speak up, but Jackson and Ivy continue their cruel treatment.  Morgana realizes that the bodies of William and Charlotte are also with them, and soon, she comes to notice that her sister's remains are there as well.  Jackson has an idea which would "amuse" the duchess and asks Ivy for a source of fire.

Chapter 113:  Diseased Blood
     Gamilla, despite the ordeal she survived, is hovering about and tending to Lennie.  Lennie tells the pregnant woman that she should take care of herself, but Gamilla insists that she's well and that Lennie has survived much worse that day than she has.  Lennie expresses regret that they came to Fallbridge Hall and confesses that she feels as though everything that's happened is her fault.  Gamilla tries to comfort Lady Fallbridge, but Lennie is too crestfallen to be convinced.  Telling Gamilla that she wants to sleep, Lennie really just wants to be alone.  She speaks of the fact that she feels that she might just naturally be a bad person given who her parents were.  Again, Lennie tells Gamilla to go and rest.  Gamilla finally agrees, but, really intends to go and find Robert to try to talk some sense into Lennie.  Meanwhile, alone, Lennie wishes for some sort of escape from her pain and notices something on her writing table which she things may aid that.

Chapter 114:  Escape
     Ivy and Jackson have left Morgana alone, but bound, so that they can go off to get materials which they'll use to further taunt the poor woman for the amusement of the dead duchess.  Morgana manages to, at least, slip out of the canvas strips which bound her legs, but she cannot manage to release herself from the binding on her arms.  She tries to figure out where she is, recalling what she's been told about the estate.  She remembers a conversation she'd had with Violet who recounted the follies which dotted the landscape.  Morgana realizes she's in the folly which Violet had called a "wee castle," and also recalls that Violet had said there was a tower from which one could see the entire estate.  Morgana begins to climb the crumbling staircase, hoping that if she can make it to the tower, she will be seen and rescued.

Chapter 115:  Worries
     Gamilla finds Robert on his way up the stairs.  He scolds her for not resting, but she tells him she had to look in on Lennie.  Gamilla reports that Lennie is not herself and seems to have given up, offering herself up to depression and false regret.  Robert and Gamilla discuss the role that genetics plays in personality.  Gamilla asks if Robert will visit Lennie.  He will, of course, but he's concerned that Punch, Matthew and Charles have not yet returned, and further worried that Morgana (and Freddy) are still missing.  Robert asks Gamilla to find Gerard for him, and, then to go back to bed.  He goes into Lennie's room and is shocked to find a pool of blood.

Chapter 116:  Philip Astley's Legacy
     In her attempt to escape the folly, Morgana is climbing the stairs to the tower, awkwardly, but carefully as the stones crumble beneath her.  As she does this, she recalls moments from her childhood when her "parents" had settled for a spell in London's Lambeth near the Westminster Bridge.  She remembers when "Father" had brought her to Astley's Amphitheater to see if he could sell her to the circus.  Philip Astley had tried to be kind, though his son, John, was clearly disgusted by her.  Nevertheless, because Astley's Circus would not take her, Mr. Astley recommended she be given to a traveling curiosities show which had set up camp in the field behind some of the row houses he owned and in front of his sprawling mansion.  This decision had doomed her to a miserable life traveling throughout England with the side show.  Decades of anger welled up in her and gave her the strength to push open the trap door.  Free at last, she called for help, attracting the attention of some men working on the estate's formal gardens.  Vowing to return to Punch, Robert and Lennie, she prayed that they were all well and safe--unaware that they were anything but--and thanked Mr. Astley posthumously.

Chapter 117:  The Center Ring
     Still dizzy from her memories of Astley's Circus, her excruciating journey up the stairs, and her escape to the tower, Morgana is both thrilled and fearful that she's gotten the attention of three of the men from the estate who have come to release her from the folly.  Her fear is abated, briefly, when the men show her kindness and sympathy and offer up opinions about Hargrave, Jackson, Ivy and especially Quick--calling them wicked people and a disease on the land.  The men cut Morgana from her binds and carry her down.  They've noticed the bodies in the folly.  The escape is cut short when Jackson and Ivy return.  At first the odd duo is shocked, but then they continue their taunts of Morgana, saying that Punch will never return to the Hall and that Lennie has attempted (and, they say, possibly succeeded) suicide.

Chapter 118:  The Promise of Home

     Robert is overjoyed to see Morgana return home and wants to know how she managed to escape, and what she went through.  Morgana tells Robert that there's time enough for that, but it's more important to her to learn of Lennie's condition.  Robert asks how Morgana knew that Lennie had attempted suicide and she explains that Jackson and Ivy taunted her with the news.  Robert states that he's going to look for Punch, Matthew and Charles and Morgana volunteers to help look after Lennie.  Gamilla and Violet are thrilled that Morgana is no longer being held captive.  They speak of how anxious they are to go home, and how they're confident that everyone will be happy once they do.  Morgana is touched to be included in their visions of the future.  Morgana approaches Lennie's bed and Lennie awakens, at first thinking that Morgana is the ghost of the late duchess.  Morgana calms the woman and promises that soon they will return home.

Chapter 119:  Reason
     As Robert goes off in search of Punch, Charles and Matthew, he remembers a time when, In America, Punch had been determined to prevent his valet, Naasir, from being killed, and Robert had insisted that Punch not go without him.  Robert chastised himself for letting Punch go out in search of Morgana without him.  Finally spotting, Charles, Matthew and a third man he couldn't see very well, Robert runs forward.  He sees that the third man is not Punch and demands to know where his companion is.  Matthew and Charles let the third man, a groom named Eli, explain how Punch was carried off by Hargrave and Causer.

Chapter 120:  A Stain on the Blood
      Punch has been captured by Hargrave and given over to Mr. Quick who has bound him and given him an elixir that will paralyze his limbs and body without causing him to be unconscious.  Quick has an extended monologue wherein he expresses his loyalty to the late duchess and his contempt for Punch and Lennie.  Quick tells Punch that he will use the Duke's skin in the ritual designed to restore the late duchess and, then, worse still, that Colin's blood will restore the duchess' youth.

Chapter 121:  Toil
     Matthew learns of Lennie's attempted suicide and goes to her, leaving Robert and Charles alone to look for Punch.  Charles shares that the groom, Eli, had told him of some of Hargrave's many hiding places.  Robert realizes that Hargrave sees his villainy as part of his job and concludes that he must have Punch somewhere associated with his work.

Chapter 122:  The Notion
     Hargrave seeks out Gregory and finds the footman outside the servants' hall.  Hargrave tells Gregory that Quick wants him and Gregory says that they should be careful because the members of the Duke's staff from London will be eager to report back to the Duke about what they've seen.  Hargrave informs Gregory that he has nothing to worry about because the Duke is in Quick's custody.  Gregory says he still has to consider Robert, Morgana and Lennie.  Hargrave states that Gregory has one hour to meet him so he can take Gregory to Quick's hiding spot.  Oh, and he has to bring something--Baby Colin.

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