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A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 110

Chapter 110

"The fool!"  Quick snarled when Hargrave told him the news.

"I was part of the scheme all 'long.  Wasn't it, Parson?"  Hargrave asked.

"Well, yes, of course it was!"  Quick scowled.  "Later!  It's too soon.  Just as it was too soon with William.  We can't use William now, and we can't use Charlotte!"

"Can't we just keep 'em both nice and cool?"  Hargrave shrugged.  "Not as if they're gonna turn in the next few hours.  We got William and Lottie tucked away where neither will spoil.""

"It's not a matter of..."  Quick shook his head.  "It's not a matter of spoilage."  He grunted.  "It's a matter of spirituality.  By the time we begin the ritual tonight, they'll both have been dead too long."

Hargrave shrugged again.  "I can't pretend to understand any o' this."

"I don't expect you to understand."  Quick lowered his brows.  "I only expect you to follow orders."

"I didn't kill the woman!"  Hargrave argued.  "I were right fond o' her, myself.  I don't quite figure why we didn't use one o' the other ones.  Ain't like we need the head, and, they all got nice-lookin' bodies."

"Because Charlotte was the right age, and, furthermore, she's the one that Her Grace picked."

The estate agent couldn't help but look at Quick as he was completely mad. 

"Don't think, Hargrave, that I don't see your expression."  Quick snapped.  "You are in no position to cast judgment on me."

"Again, Parson, I ain't the one that killed Lottie!"  Hargrave barked.  "That were all Mr. Jackson and Miss Blessum.  They had their reasons, and now it's done.  So, ain't no use in goin' on about it."

"Where are they?"  Quick asked.  "Jackson and Ivy..."

"I got 'em tucked away, too."

"I gather they're quite anxious?"  Quick smirked.  "Knowing that I will be quite upset with them..."

"I don't think they much care, Parson Quick."  Hargrave laughed.  "Look, mate, they came in to find Charlotte had loosened the Lobster Woman's bindings.  They had warned her not to be taken in by Morgana.  They killed the woman, and, I'm sure they took great delight in it, too.  Favorite o' mine though she was, I can't blame Jackson and Miss Blessum for it.  They'd warned her!  What's more, by killin' her, they showed them other girls that they'd best keep their gobs shut."

"It's done now."  Quick sighed.  "I'm going to need another woman.  See if you can't find me one."

"Don't see why we don't just use Charlotte."  Hargrave muttered.

"You've already expressed your utter lack of comprehension of the situation."  Quick growled.  "Here's Causer..."  the parson pointed toward the door to his parlor.  "Let's have the two of you go out and..."

"Beggin' your pardon, Mr. Quick, Mr. Hargrave, only we got trouble."  Causer intoned.

"What now?"  Quick asked angrily.

"His Grace the Duke is headed this way with his man and some other aristocrat-type.  Spotted 'em as I was in the kitchen.  They're chargin' right up to your door."

"Very well, Causer."  Quick frowned.  "I shall deal with them."

"You don't seem too bothered."  Hargrave chuckled.

"I expected this when George ran off.  In fact, I'm rather surprised it's taken this long.  The two of you--get out of sight.  I shall speak with the Duke."

"As you wish."  Hargrave nodded.  

"Wait!"  Quick called out.  "Assure me you've taken Her Grace and...the others...somewhere they won't be found."

"I promise ya, Parson."  Hargrave winked.  "Ain't no way that strange little fella's gonna find 'is mum nor even William and Charlotte."

"Fine."  Quick answered.  "Now, leave me."

Causer and Hargrave headed out of the room.  

"What will ya tell 'em, Parson?"  Causer asked as they left.

"I shall tell them the God's honest truth,"  Quick grinned.

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