Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 111

Chapter 111
In Motion

"Where is my aunt?"  Mr. Punch asked the moment Quick opened the Parsonage door.  

"I beg your pardon, Your Grace?  Your aunt?"  Quick smiled.

"Yes, the woman with the hunchback and pincers."  Punch growled.  "My mother's sister.  The woman you held captive in a tunnel beneath this very house.  Captive--along with young William, now dead, and Lord Cleaversworth's man, Perkins."

As upset as he was, Punch tried his best to maintain an aristocratic manner of speech so that Quick would take him more seriously than he would had Punch spoken in his preferred way.

"Ah, yes."  Quick nodded.  "I'd rather guessed that George would have made it to you  by now."

"So, you don't deny that you've held them captive?"  Matthew spoke up.

"No, not at all."  Quick answered.

Rather startled, Punch blinked quickly.  

"I'm a man of God,"  Quick continued.  "I shan't lie to you."

"You won't lie, but you have no trouble taking another person's life?"  Punch sniffed contemptuously.  

"I haven't taken anyone's life.  Nor will I.  Now, of course, I can't control what the others do, but, I can follow my own mind.  It wasn't I who killed young William.  Did George say that it was I?"

"No."  Punch shook his head.  "That's not really of great importance at the moment.  Does it much matter who spilled the boy's blood?  He's dead.  Where have you put his remains?"

"I've not put them anywhere."  Quick replied.

Punch pushed the parson to one side and gestured for Charles and Matthew to follow him into the Parsonage.

"Take me to the tunnel."  Punch insisted.

"If I must."  Quick answered.  "Still, I'm surprised that George didn't tell you precisely where it was...or, to be sure, I'm shocked that he didn't lead you here himself."

"George is safely at the Hall.  We will not expose him to you again."  Mr. Punch hissed.  "Now...take me to the tunnel!"

"You won't find anything there.  Of course, you're welcome to look, Your Grace."

Punch raised his hand as if he intended to grab the parson by the wrist, but he stopped himself.

"Do not be coy with me."  Punch glowered.  "Tell me where my aunt, and Perkins are!"

"They're nowhere near here."  Quick answered.

"We are going to search every corner of this house."  Matthew intoned.

"Be my guest."  Quick nodded.

Punch pointed to the rear of the house and Charles, understanding, headed in that direction to search.

"I'm being quite honest with you, Your Grace."  Quick began.  "What you seek is no longer here.  Not even William's body.  You can't stop this.  You can't.  It's already begun.  You shan't prevent your mother's resurrection.  I won't allow it.  Nor will she."

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