Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Fun: Mr. Punch’s Russian Cousin, Petrushka

An antique "Petrushka"

Mr. Punch has cousins all over the world who look and act quite a bit like him. His Russian counterpart is called “Petrushka” (meaning Parsley). Dressed in red with a jester’s painted face, Petrushka has a long nose like Mr. Punch and a very similar “swazzle”-created voice. 

Petrushka also relies on slapstick comedy, but the stories take a slightly different approach than the adventures of Mr. Punch. Petrushka stories focus on his military service, his medical treatment and his training of a horse.

Thanks to Chris van der Craats (Australia’s “Professor Whatsit”), we get this fascinating glimpse at this Russian puppet cousin to our Mr. Punch. 

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