Saturday, January 8, 2011

At the Music Hall: “Hands, Knees and Boomps-a-Daisy,” 1936

Hands, knees, and boomps-a-daisy,
I like a bustle that bends;
Hands, knees, and boomps-a-daisy,
What is a boomp between friends?
Hands, knees, oh don’t be lazy,
Let’s make the party a wow!
Now then, hands, knees, and boomps-a-daisy,
Turn to your partner and bow.

Annette Mills, the sister of actor Sir John Mills and aunt of Hayley and Juliet Mills, was embarking on a successful career as a dancer when a broken leg ruined the chance of realizing her dreams. She turned her attention to song-writing and penned two popular songs, one of which was “Hands, Knees and Boomps-a-Daisy” which quickly became extremely popular in music halls and night clubs of the late 1930’s. The dance associated with the song—which involved the bumping of posteriors—was a successful and enduring novelty.

Here’s a rendition of “Hands, Knees and Boomps-a-Daisy” as performed by Joe Loss and his Band.

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