Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Humanitarian of the Week: Stephanie Gatschet

Stephanie Gatschet
While we often hear of young actresses whose lifestyles lead them into courtrooms and rehab, we rarely hear of those whose choices truly benefit others. The latter is the case of Stephanie Gatschet. Stephanie began acting at the age of nine, and she quickly parlayed her talent into a thriving career which encompassed stage, screen and television. Most people will recognize Miss Gatschet for her roles on daytime television. From 2002 until 2008, she played Tammy Winslow on The Guiding Light. After that, she joined the cast of All My Children where she continues to play murderess-turned-heroine Madison North. While Madison may be a trifle unhinged, Miss Gatschet is not. Instead of indulging in the wild lifestyle now available to her since All My Children moved from New York to Los Angeles, she’s continued her humanitarian work—efforts which reach a wide range of causes.

Stephanie devotes her time and efforts to The National Lung Cancer Partnership, The Gay and Lesbian Center, “Much Love” Animal Rescue, The American Cancer Society, “Model Home,” and to raise funds for young artists and actors. In 2007, Miss Gatschet also spent three weeks in Tanzania helping orphans in that impoverished country find some comfort amidst the chaos.

For her generosity and exceptional artistry, Stephanie Gatschet is our first Humanitarian of the Week for 2011.

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