Friday, January 7, 2011

Goal for the Day: Celebrate Your Individuality

Do you often find yourself pointlessly apologizing to the people around you for being “different”? Do you feel self-conscious when you have a thought or an idea that you fear won’t fit in with popular opinion? Do you worry that you will put people off when you express yourself? Well, you shouldn’t.

Everyone is an individual who is capable of thinking wonderful and interesting things. Some people choose not to. Some prefer to parrot the things around them and ape the actions of others. But, that’s a shame. Where would we be if it were not for the people who weren’t afraid of their own thoughts? We’d have no art, no technology, no growth.

Today, celebrate your individuality. Share what you’re thinking. Give your ideas a chance to breathe and to grow. Take comfort in the fact that you’re different. The greatest things in the world are the fruit of the minds of people who stood out from the crowd.

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