Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Belle Époque Today: The Art of Bernard Dunstan, RA

Campo S. Apostoli
Bernard Dunstan
A member of the Royal Academy since 1968, Bernard Dunstan has redefined the idea of “Impressionism” by imbuing his work with the ideals of painters such as Renoir, Bonnard and Vuillard, but creating a distinct atmospheric style of his own. His love of Impressionist painters has led Dunstan to write several books on the subject. Meanwhile, his exceptional paintings have found their way into the collections of The British National Portrait Gallery, The Museum of London and The Royal Collection.

With his tender brushstrokes and brilliant use of color, Dunstan’s works come to life. While they mirror their Nineteenth Century forebearers, they take their images to a new level of added dimension and meaning.

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