Monday, May 12, 2014

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 108

Chapter 108

"Love?"  Gerard whispered to Gamilla.    "Can ya hear me?"  

He took her hand and pressed it to his face as he looked down at her where she had been stretched out next to Lennie.  Kissing her hand, Gerard gently lowered Gamilla's arm to the bed.  He watched her breast rise and fall--slowly--as she breathed.

"I think you can hear me,"  Gerard choked.  "I know you can.  You gotta come back to me, 'Milla, 'cause I can't go on if you don't.  All them years before I met ya--they were not worth bein' alive.  I didn't start to know what life truly was until I saw you.  So..."  He paused, inhaling wretchedly as his face began to burn with tears.  

Looking across Gamilla to Lennie, Gerard wiped his eyes.  "Miss Lennie, if you're listenin' and you're with Gamilla--bring her back.  The two of ya--we need ya both."

Taking Gamilla's hand again, Gerard leaned forward and kissed his wife's cool forehead.  "We're gonna have a long and happy life together, Love.  We are.  You and me and our little one..."

He coughed.  "I wish I knew if you could hear me."


Gerard looked up, unsure if what he heard was real.

The voice was Gamilla's, but it sounded so far away.

Yet, it was real.

Her lips were moving.

Gamilla's eyes began to flutter as she coughed weakly.

"Gamilla?"  Gerard gasped.

Suddenly, Lennie's hands began to twitch--her fingers quickly curling inward.

"Dr. Halifax!"  Gerard shouted.  "Your Lordship!  Please!  Come here!"

From the passage, Robert, who had just parted ways with Punch, Charles and Matthew, came rushing into the room.

"Look!"  Gerard exclaimed.  "They're...they're awaking!"

"Stay by Gamilla,"  Robert responded quickly as he ran to Lennie's side.

"Lennie?"  Robert whispered.

Lennie opened her eyes.  

"There you are."  Robert smiled.  He looked over to Gamilla.  "And, there you are, too."

"Gamilla, you made it..."  Gerard sobbed with happiness.

"Gerry..."  Gamilla nodded slightly.

"Don't talk, Love."  Gerard shook his head.  "Just rest."

"It ain't safe..."  Gamilla whispered.

"Shhh, my love."  Gerard replied.

"We brought her back."  Lennie coughed.  "Stronger..."

"Beware..."  Gamilla added.

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