Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Precious Time: The Goujon Watch and Pair Case, c. 1730

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Watch and Pair Case
Made in London, c. 1730
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The Victoria & Albert Museum

Made around 1730, this embossed and chased gold watch and pair case is signed (on the movement’s dust cap) “Gerret Bramer, Amsterdam.” The case is embossed with a scene which was modeled after Gérard de Lairesse’s image of Cleopatra just as she is about to dissolve the pearl before Anthony.

The chasing is signed “H Manly fecit” and both cases are marked “SG” for Stephen Goujon of London who served as the maker of the case.

The watch with its ¼ repeating movement was made in London by Goujon and decorated by Manly for export to Amsterdam where it was sold by the retailed Geret Bramer.  This gorgeous timepiece features a stem set with a diamond and diamonds mounted on the face and hands.  

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