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A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 94

Chapter 94
Fit Enough

Mr. Punch grunted and nervously dug the heel of his boot into the thick carpet of Lennie's room.

"Steady on,"  Matthew said unconvincingly.  "You know Lennie.  She's...I say, she's the strongest woman I've ever known."

Punch nodded, looking at his sister who lay on her bed, unconscious, being examined by Robert who was assisted by Violet.

"If you'd rather, I will gladly give her my blood."  Matthew volunteered.  

"No,"  Punch frowned.  "I am not bothered by that.  I would give anything for her, I would.  Also, Robert says it should come from a relative.  I'm all she's got.  Other than Colin and Morgana, who's a blood relative.  I'm the only one, I am, fit 'nough to give of me own blood."  His gaze wandered.

"We'll find your Aunt,"  Matthew continued.

Punch scratched his ear and nodded.

"I say, Punch, I can't imagine what you must...well, what you must be thinking right now.  Your house all upset as it is."

"Worry for Lennie, Matthew."  Punch answered.  "Whatever else--whatever else has happened I've brought on myself.  I should never 'ave come back here, I shouldn't.  I should never have brought Lennie here.  I should have told her that there was nothin' here for her that I couldn't have told her.  We'd finally reached a point of peace at home and..."

"Still, you found your Aunt here."  Matthew suggested.  "That's something."


"Punch?"  Robert called out.

"Excuse me,"  Punch nodded to Matthew who remained on the other side of the room.

Mr. Punch joined Robert and Violet.  "How is she?"

"She showed signs of coming out of it for a few seconds,"  Robert answered.  "Her eyes fluttered and her lips moved, giving me hope, but now, she's become colder and, I fear that the poison has taken hold.  I think we must act quickly."

"How do we begin, Chum?"  Punch asked emotionally.

"We must insanguinate her so that we may immediately replace her blood with yours."

Punch winced.

"I know what that means to you."  Robert said softly, putting his hands on Punch's shoulders.  "I understand what you must be thinking.  Surely you must recall how your mother died.  How she was bled, and then hanged."

Punch closed his eyes.  "She deserved it.  Lennie does not deserve this."

"It's the only way I can think to save her."  Robert answered.

"When a body is bitten by a snake, they say to suck out the poison and spit it out."  Punch said quickly.  "Maybe, Chum...maybe..."

"We can't..."  Robert shook his head.  "It's already running through her body.  It's in her veins, dear Punch."

"What do ya need me to do then?"  Punch inhaled.  

"We will need Gamilla, if she's well enough."  Robert replied.  He turned to Violet.  "Vi, will you, please, go to the nursery and see if Gamilla is able to come here.  If she's not, you'll have to assist unaided."

Violet nodded and went off on her task.

"Chum," Punch began.  "We've always...ya know..."

"My dear,"  Robert interrupted.  "I make no promise.  I love Lennie, too, as if she were my own sister as well, and I will do all that I can to preserve her."

Punch nodded.  "Only, then, tell me what to do."

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