Thursday, April 17, 2014

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: “Poetry” by Alessandro Turchi, 1606

Alessandro Turchi, 1606
The Royal Collection
Dressed in blue to show the heavenly nature of her art, this painting of “Poetry” shows the muse crowned with a laurel wreath. In one hand, she holds a book, in the other; she holds a pen sharpened from a laurel branch. Poetry has wings on her head to show that she inspires “flights of fancy.”

This gem-like painting by Alessandro Turchi is inspired by the work of Cesare Ripa and was the back of one of two shutters which were created for the installation of the organ at the newly built Verona Accademia Filarmonica. When the shutters were opened, Poetry appeared on one side and Music on the other.

King George III added this painting to the Royal Collection during his reign. With its brilliant color and gilding, Poetry continues to inspire flights of fancy to this day.

Crown Copyright
The Royal Collection
Via The Royal Collection Trust
Image Courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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