Sunday, April 13, 2014

Antique Image of the Day: Clementina, Lady Hawarden, 1864

Clementina, Lady Hawarden and Companion
South Kensington Gardens, 1864
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Isn’t this an odd photo? It dates to 1864 and was taken at the Horticultural Gardens at South Kensington. In left profile, we have Clementina, Lady Hawarden she’s donned fancy dress as a jester or harlequin. Next to her is an unidentified young female companion. Who is this woman? Some believe her to be Marion Lloyd, a close friend and cousin, and the daughter of Lady Hawarden's sister Mary Keith (Keithy) Lloyd. The young lady is dressed in a peasant costume. 

The photo was taken in a photography booth at the gardens.  That's a lot of leg for 1864.

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