Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Weekend!

Hello, all!  As it's Easter weekend, Bertie, Mr. Punch and I will be taking a break from the usual posting schedule.  We'll be back up to our usual hijinks on Monday.

So, let's start celebrating with a glimpse at my collection of ephemera and some of the Easter-related articles there-in.

I like this trade card quite a lot, and want a similar hat.  I often make the face which the bunny is making.

Here, another bunny sits on a very handsomely printed 1907 postcard, complete with metallic ink.  He, too, looks a trifle grim, but I think he's tired from delivering the eggs.  Look at his lovely little outfit!  

how cute is this postcard from 1910?  Don't think about the fact that the chicks are as big as the little girl.  Just love its inherent Edwardian cuteness.

Next, we have a dour bunny.  I'm not sure if he's delivering or stealing the eggs.  I like to think he's stealing them.  I think that might cheer him up.  I just want to hug the little fella.  Bertie, of course, wants to eat him.

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