Friday, April 18, 2014

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 96

Chapter 96
A Battle

"Miss Lennie,"  Gamilla leaned over Lennie's pale body.  "Can you hear me?"  She patted Lennie's hand.

From a distance, Robert and Gerard watched.

Gerard scratched his head nervously, messing up his dark blond hair.  "Gamilla says she's strong enough for this."

"I believe that she is, Gerard."  Robert replied.  "You must trust me, I'd not do anything that would put Gamilla or your child in danger."

"Oh, Sir, I do trust you.  I know...only..."

"I understand.  This is your wife, and you're about to be a father.  Gamilla has just fainted and you're concerned."  Robert replied.

"Don't think I'm not sick with worry about Lady Fallbridge, too."

"I think we're all sick with worry about everyone."  Robert sighed.

"How is His Grace?"  Gerard asked.

"He's trying his best to remain strong."  Robert answered.  "I've sent him to our rooms to rest a bit before...before this procedure.  I..."

"Your Lordship?"  Gamilla called out, waving for Robert.

He came over, leaving Gerard behind.

"Pardon me,"  Matthew addressed Gerard from the fireplace.  

"Yes, Lord Cleaversworth."  Gerard replied.

"On your way here, did you happen to notice my man?"  Matthew asked.

"Perkins, Sir?"  Gerard shook his head.  "No.  I've not seen him since early this morning when he..."

"I know about the trouble."  Matthew nodded.  "He seems to have disappeared again."

"I apologize, Sir.  I wish I knew more.  If anyone knows where Perkins has gotten to, I'd guess it'd be Gregory.  Shall I look for him?"  Gerard asked.

"No, no.  It's not terribly important."  Matthew shook his head.  "I know you're concerned for your wife and for Lady Fallbridge.  Your place is here until Lord Colinshire tells you otherwise."

"Thank you, Sir." Gerard nodded, retreating to get a better view of what was transpiring between Gamilla and Robert.  He went to stand in the corner where Charles and Violet were waiting for instructions.

"I don't think," Gamilla whispered, "that it's a poison that's taken hold of Miss Lennie."

"No?"  Robert asked.

"No,"  Gamilla shook her head.  "I put my hands on her.  I think it's more than that.  I felt somethin', and saw somethin' in my head.  She's at battle, Sir."

"Battle?"  Robert raised an eyebrow.  "With whom?"

"With her mother."  Gamilla replied.

"How can that be?"

"Whatever got into her body through that cut--it was some kind of potion, it made her sleep. It made her body sleep but left her mind open so that the duchess' spirit could prey upon it.  I...I think the duchess is countin' on makin' Miss Lennie's body weak so she can take Miss Lennie's spirit."

Robert inhaled.

"I know what you must be thinkin'."  Gamilla said quickly.  "Only, by doin' so, by takin' her spirit, it would make the duchess more powerful."

Robert nodded.  "Still, by making Her Ladyship's body stronger, wouldn't we be helping her?"

"Only you wouldn't be makin' her stronger.  Not with that battle goin' on inside her.  No matter what ya done..."

"How do we stop this...this battle?"

"I think I could do it, Sir."  Gamilla replied.

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