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A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 47

Chapter 47
To Be Welcome

"Come...come in."  Morgana said.

"Miss Morgana,"  Gamilla smiled as she entered the Vermillion Suite.  "Oh, Violet.  I didn't know you were still here."

"I have been having such a lark chattin' with Miss Morgana..."  Violet smiled.  "We've been fixin' her hair."

"And, don't she look jus' beautiful?"  Gamilla nodded.


"You really do, Miss."  Violet nodded.

Morgana studied herself in the glass.  "I've never had my this."

"I think the curls suit you."  Violet smiled.  "And, M'Lady's tea-gown looks ever-so fine on ya."

"It does."  Gamilla agreed.

"You could barely see that I...I have a...hump."  Morgana's smile faded.  "Now, if we could just hide...these..."  She held up her pincers.

"Ain't no need to hide 'em, Miss."  Gamilla shook her head.  "They're part o' ya.  Don't bother no one here."

"His Grace always says it's them things what's different about a body what's the most beautiful."  Violet added.

"He would say something kind like that."  Morgana looked down.

"Gamilla, have you come to measure for dress patterns?"  Violet asked.  "I can help ya.  M'Lady wanted me to fetch her when we started."  Violet grinned.  "Miss Morgana, when Gamilla was married to Mr. Gurney, Her Ladyship and I, and Maudie and Ethel, we helped with her first wedding gown.  We like to work together on these things."

"First gown?"  Morgana asked.

"I had two."  Gamilla nodded.  "The first was ruined."

"How?"  Morgana asked.

"Miss Fern."  Violet frowned.

"Fern?"  Morgana asked.  "Oh, yes, she's the other child that my nephew and Robert adopted.  The one who is away at school."

"Fern went through a spell when she was doin' some naughty things, Miss Morgana.  Her mama done just died and...well, it all worked out as it should 'ave.  Poor girl."  Gamilla explained.

"My nephew seems to collect poor souls."  Morgana nodded.

"He collects folk he loves,"  Gamilla smiled.

"I'll go and fetch Her Ladyship."  Violet inhaled.

"Not quite yet, Vi."  Gamilla shook her head.  "That ain't why I came."


"No."  Gamilla continued.  "His Grace and His Lordship just come up to the nursery.  His Grace is gonne sit with Colin and Dog Toby for a spell and His Lordship has asked for Gerard and Charles to help him with somethin'.  They wondered if you wouldn't mind goin' to see Her Ladyship in her rooms."

"Has something happened?"  Violet asked.

Gamilla just smiled.

"Something has happened."  Morgana shook her head.

"Miss Morgana, I come to have that talk with you.  The one we spoke of last night."  Gamilla continued.

"About my...sister?"

"Yes."  Gamilla nodded.

"Is Her Ladyship all right, Gamilla?"  Violet asked nervously as she straightened her apron.

"She'd benefit from your steady voice and sweet manner."  Gamilla replied.

"Thank you."  Violet said.  "I'll go to her.  Oh, and with the Earl comin' today..."  She took a final look at Morgana, "Oh. Miss, I so enjoyed our morning."

"I, too...thank you...for...for talking with me."

"It was my pleasure."  Violet nodded.  "I shall look in on you soon."

Nodding her good-bye to Gamilla, Violet hurried to Lennie.

"Now...that...that the child has left,"  Morgana began, "You can tell me.  I trust you will tell me...what is wrong."

"I don't know exactly.  His Grace did not say.  I know only that the masters and her Ladyship are most upset.  This, I can tell you, Miss Morgana, there was evil in this house to begin with, and now, it is more powerful than ever.  Greater, and stronger!  It's coming for you, Miss.  You, His Grace, Miss Lennie and young Master Colin."

"We cannot let them be...harmed.  I do not care what...what happens to me.  I will not have the innocent be...harmed."

"You are just as innocent."

"I have lived my life...and...and I have no..."  She paused.  "Gamilla, were I to die today, I would do so happy.  For once, I know what it is be loved and...welcome.  I will give my life to protect those who gave that to me.  You will tell me how to do that."

"I will see no harm come to you either, Miss."  Gamilla shook her head.

"Mr. Punch was...accurate.  You are loyal."  Morgana nodded.  "What is this evil, then?"

"It is Pauline, the late Duchess of Fallbridge."

"My sister."  Morgana squinted.  "She's...dead."

"She is here, Miss.  In this house.  I feel it."  Gamilla explained.  "She will overpower you.  It is you, Miss, that she will take first."

"Let her...let her, if it will spare the others."

"It will not."  Gamilla shook her head.

"Well, then."  Morgana stood.  "How do we stop her?"

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