Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fun: The Start of a Punch & Judy Show

David Wilde's Punch & Judy

Hello all, sorry, we won't be doing a "Mr. Punch's Puzzles" today since I've got a day full of appointments, and Bertie is having a play date with his friend Oscar Cat.

So, I thought we could have some video fun...

Apparently, Mr. Punch doesn’t care for monkeys. With good reason, it would seem.

This short video clip shows the musical start to David Wilde’s Punch & Judy show. As if often the case, “Joey the Clown” starts the proceedings with a dance which highlights his peculiarly articulated neck. “Joey the Clown” is a traditional Punch & Judy character. Often, Joey tries to get the better of Punch. It’s usually Joey’s question of “Who wants dinner?” which elicits the display of the famous sausage links. Typically, Joey will act as Master of Ceremonies.

And, so, here we see Joey doing his thing, followed by a feather-dusting monkey and the introduction of Mr. Punch.

“Clap with Mr. Monkey.”

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