Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 121

Chapter 121

Once Matthew had learned of Lennie's desperate and rash moment with the paper knife,  there was nothing that would have kept him from his fiancee's side.   Not even his friendly loyalty to Punch was enough to convince the man to continue to assist with the search.

As Matthew rushed back to the Hall, Charles leaned in and whispered in Robert's ear.  "It's for the best, Sir.  Poor man meant no harm only he was just in the way."

"I've often wondered,"  Robert shook his head.  "How it's possible that the man had such a successful career in the military, inept as he is."

"Money, Sir."  Charles answered.  "Gold makes a success of everyone."

"Gold."  Robert muttered. 

"Not to fear, Your Lordship.  We will find His Grace."

Robert nodded slowly.

"That groom, Eli, has told me about some of the more hidden parts of the estate where he's seen Causer and Hargrave before.  Seems there's a place east of the stables where the two have been known to take some of the more round-heeled farmer's daughters."  Charles explained.

"I can't imagine Hargrave wanting to bring His Grace to his trysting place."

"If he thought he could hide the Duke away there..."  Charles answered.

"I suppose."  Robert sighed.  "Do you know where to go?"

"I do, Sir."  Charles replied.

The two men walked toward the stables.  

"What of the folly?"  Robert asked.  "That's where Morgana had been kept.  She's told me that that's where Jackson and Blessum had stashed the bodies.  Perhaps we should start there."

"We've already been, Your Lordship."  Charles shook his head.  "It's empty of anything except dirt and cobwebs."

Robert scowled.  He reached out and grabbed Charles by the shoulder to stop him from walking.

"What do  you think, Sir?"  Charles asked.

"I think we should pause a moment, and reconsider what we're doing."  Robert said quickly.  "We have considered this from our own manner of thought.  Our conclusions are suppositions are based on our own logic.  We must, instead, try to think like these mad people.  While we cannot call their thoughts logical, they are nonetheless what we must adopt."

"I think I understand."  Charles replied.  "For we can conclude that, as you said, Hargrave would not carry His Grace to the place wherein he entertains his female conquests.  After all, he would not care to spoil the place."

"Correct.  Hargrave considers these barbaric acts part of his work, his duty.  He carries out the orders given him by Quick and Jackson.  Yes, he is part of this...cult...this cabal which worships the beastly duchess.  However, he is not one of the leaders.  His belief is based on his own comforts and maintaining them.  It's not as fierce and all encompassing as the others.  Hargrave knows only that he can benefit from it.  Since this is nothing but another duty to him, Hargrave would have taken my dear Punch not to a place where in spends happy, intimate moments, but to a place of toil and work."

"Where might that be, Sir?  I do not know  the place well enough."

"Nor do I."  Robert shook his head.  "However, I know how we might deduce such a place."

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