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A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 105

Chapter 105
Never Forgive

Punch gasped as his eyes opened and he saw Gamilla slump over onto Lennie's bed.

"What have you done?"  Gerard roared.  "You've killed her!"  

"I...I...I'm sorry!"  Punch cried.  "I heard George and...I heard him speak of Aunt Morgana.  I didn't mean to open my..."

"You broke the chain!"  Gerard screamed as he and Robert rushed to Gamilla's side.

"I didn't mean..."  Punch whispered, still holding Gamilla's hand in one hand, and Lennie's in his other.

"Let go of her, you daft...you stupid..."  Gerard grabbed Punch by the wrist and jerked his hand away from Gamilla.

"What is this?"  Mrs. Pepper moaned.  "What's happened?"

George began to shake and took his mother's arm.

"Come over here,"  Charles guided Georgie and Mrs. Pepper away from the scene at Lennie's bedside.  Violet joined them, gently pushing the two toward the back of the room.

"We only wanted to let His Grace and His Lordship know that George escaped, and that Miss Morgana is still in terrible danger, as is Perkins."  Mrs. Pepper stammered.

"We're all glad that Georgie is back with us."  Charles replied.

"We truly are."  Violet nodded.

"What's happening with Miss Lennie and Gamilla?"  George asked.

"We'll explain later."  Charles answered, glancing over his shoulder.  He saw Gerard frantically trying to awaken Gamilla.

"She's alive, Gerry."  Robert whispered.  "She's alive."

"You heard what she said!"  Gerard screamed.  "If the chain is broken--meaning if one of them stopped concentratin'--she could be lost forever!"

"What of Lennie?"  Matthew shouted.

"Everyone, do try to calm down!"  Robert insisted.

"Calm down?"  Gerard growled.  "My wife and child!  They...they could both be lost to me--all because HE..." He stormed toward Punch... "couldn't keep his eyes closed!"

"Gerard, stop at once!"  Robert took the man's arm.

"I'll never forgive you!"  Gerard howled at Punch.  "I'll never forgive you!"

"There must be a way..."  Punch whispered.  "There must.  We can find a way to bring them both back."

"How?"  Gerard snarled.  "By gettin' help from all the Voodoo priestesses that 'appen to live in Yorkshire?"

"Charles!"  Robert called out.  "Help Gerard.  You and Matthew both, help him into the passage and get him something...water...something.  I need to examine Gamilla.  I need quiet."

"I'm to be ordered about with your staff now?"  Matthew snapped.

"Yes!"  Robert shouted.

Matthew grimaced, but said no more. 

"Stay here with Vi."  Charles whispered to George and Mrs. Pepper.  He hurried to join Lord Cleaversworth.  They each took one of Gerard's arms.  

Gerard, however, shook them off.  "I will not leave her side!"

Punch stepped away from the bed.  "I'll...I'll see to Mrs. Pepper and George."

Robert nodded.

"I don't understand what's happened..."  Mrs. Pepper repeated.

"I'll try, I will," Punch began, "to explain it to you--if I can.  Oh, if only Marjani were here.  She knew Gamilla so well, and they both knew this...this practice.  Or--or even Naasir.  Naasir would have helped us.  But, Marjani is in America, and, my friend Naasir is dead."  He took a deep breath.  "Still, you're here George, and we're glad of that, we are.  Come with me, and tell me what's happened to you so that I might try--in some, small way--to begin to make things right."

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