Thursday, May 8, 2014

Drawing of the Day: Alexander the Circus Pony, 1940-60

Phyllis Ginger, 1940-1960, The V&A
Sketch from "Alexander the Circus Pony,"
Phyllis Ginger, 1940-60
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Well, look, it’s Alexander the Circus Pony!  I’m unfamiliar with Alexander the Circus Pony, but if I were a pony I would want that to be my name.

This drawing is by Phyllis Ginger (1907-2005) and was created for the children's story, “Alexander, the Circus Pony.”
  This book was Miss Ginger’s primary commission from Puffin books in which the entire book, story and illustrations were her own exclusive creation. Published in 1943, the book was quite popular in Britain and has been reprinted many times.

Here, we can see Ginger’s trademark bright and brilliant watercolor style. Previously, Ginger had been best known as topographical watercolor artist, who donated her talents to the Pilgrim Trust’s World War II “Recording Britain” project.  Throughout her early career, Ginger longed to be an illustrator.  She finally achieved her dream with “Alexander” and, then, illustrated another children's story featuring a horse a few years later, “The Mushroom Pony,” which was written by Joan Lamburn.

A Preliminary Sketch for "Alexander"

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