Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy 352nd Birthday, Mr. Punch!

On May 9, 1662 Samuel Pepys wrote in his famous diary that he had seen, in Covent Garden, “an Italian puppet play, that is within the rails there, which is very pretty."  And, thus, 352 years later, we mark the "birthday" of our delightful Mr. Punch.

Though Punch has been around for far longer and can trace his roots back to the Italian Commedia dell'Arte, today reminds us of his first official record in Britain.  So, on this special day, let's remember "Old Red Nose"--the voice of the people, the lovable rogue, the scamp, the lover and the defeater of the devil.  

Three cheers for Mr. Punch!  
Here's wishing you another happy three and a half (and two years) centuries!

As you know, Mr. Punch is an important part of my life.  If you love the hunch-backed anti-hero as much as I do, show your support by telling others "the way to do it."  Visit our online store to see the many Punch products available.  

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