Monday, May 5, 2014

Object of the Day: The Domestic Sewing Machine Co.

Click on image to see the old goat.

When I go on a goat cart ride, I always like to load up the vehicle with us much extra stuff as possible. I like to put an enormous and very stiff doll in the back. And, I like to tie a ribbon around my dog as well as the whip I use to get the goats a-goin’. Yes, I’ll put on my tam and my little pants and drive my giant sister around the countryside. You see, she can’t walk. Poor thing has unusually tiny feet for her body. She’s still strong though. Oh, yes, she can steer those goats over any terrain.

I don’t know.

This trade card is, as stated, “Compliments of the ‘Domestic’ Sewing Machine Co.” I’m not quite sure what the image has to do with sewing machines, except that you can use one to sew all the extras bows onto your little Nineteenth Century outfits.

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