Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 57

Chapter 57
A Look of Panic

"Miss Morgana,"  Gamilla smiled gently, "You mustn't be embarassed."

"I...I know."  Morgana shook her head.  "It's only that you're all so nice and gentle and..."

"Auntie, we don't...none of us think one thing about your..."  Punch began.

"Pincers."  Morgana sighed.

"There's no reason to be..."  Punch inhaled.

"You're absolutely correct, Punch.  We've more important worries at pr...present than my concerns about gent... gentility."

"Then,"  Gamilla began.  "Everyone, put your hands, and...pincers on the table, and close your eyes."

"Have you done this before?"  Punch asked.

"No, Your Grace."  Gamilla shook her head.  "I seen my mama do it when I was a girl, and my own aunties.  I seen them divine the most horrid spirits right out o' the very darkness."

Punch nodded.  "Do we have all we need?"

"Yes."  Gamilla said.  "Just need somethin' to light the taper.  I'll grab a spill from the..."  Just as she rose, the doors to the Vermillion Suite creaked open.

Punch and Morgana also stood with a gasp.

Mr. Punch took his Auntie by her elbow and ushered her from the room.  Gamilla followed closely behind, and the three of them hurried to the nursery.

Pounding on the nursery door, Punch was relieved to see Georgie Pepper open it.

Inside, Ethel sat with Colin in her lap and Dog Toby calmly at her feet.

"Your Grace,"  George smiled.  "You look as if you stepped over your own grave."

"I'm not quite sure I haven't, Georgie."  Punch panted.  "All is well in here?"

"Yes, Your Grace."  Ethel nodded.

A clattering of boots in the hallway, turned everyone's heads as Robert, Gerard and Charles moved swiftly through the passage.

"Thank heavens,"  Robert sighed with relief.  "You're all safe."

"Where ya been, Chum?"  Punch reached out for Robert and Gamilla went to her husband's side.

"We have been locked in the crypt."  Robert replied.  "By whom or what, I cannot say."

"Well, we were trapped in Auntie's rooms."  Punch declared.  "Just as suddenly as the doors held us in, they opened to release us, they did."

"That's what happened to us, Your Grace."  Charles explained.

"At least we're all safe now."  Gerard smiled.

"Not all."  Punch shook his head.  "Where's Lady Fallbridge?"

"She'd gone to her rooms, Your Grace."  Gamilla answered.

"Is she still there?"  Robert asked.

Unknowingly, Violet answered that as she came running through the passage with a look of panic on her face.

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