Thursday, February 13, 2014

Royal Pets: Boz, Favourite Skye Terrier of the Duchess of Kent and afterwards the Queen, 1861

Boz, the Favourite Skye Terrier of the Duchess of Kent and Thereafter Queen Victoria
Study by Friedrich Wilhelm Keyl, 1861
Crown Copyright
The Royal Collection
Image Courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Though Queen Victoria and her mum didn’t get on so well all the time, they did share an appreciation for dogs. So, when the Duchess of Kent finally died, Queen Victoria adopted the Duchess’ Skye Terrier, Boz.

This sketch of colored chalks on gray paper is the work of Friedrich Wilhelm Keyl (1823-71) and is dated June 1861. The drawing was made as a study for an oil painting which was commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1861.

Keyl was Sir Edwin Landseer’s only pupil and mastered his teacher’s ability to create sensitive and accurate animal portraits.

Boz lived with Queen Victoria for another three years after the Duchess of Kent’s passing, and the Queen doted on him. In honor of the friendship between Boz and Queen Victoria, this sketch is proudly displayed in the Charles Dickens Reception Room at Buckingham Palace. Only fitting since the terrier was named for Mr. Dickens.

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