Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 71

Chapter 71
My Lad

The smell of burning tobacco was starting to make Georgie sick as Freddy and Gregory puffed away.  Even in the moonlight, George could tell that Freddy was quite pale and also feeling a bit queasy from the cigarettes he kept smoking.  Still he smoked as many as Gregory gave him as they walked.  

"Sure you don't want one, Pepper?" Gregory smiled.  "I got plenty.  Rolled a whole lot o' 'em this mornin'."

"No, thanks."  George shook his head.

"Your loss, mate."  Gregory shrugged.  "Follow me, then."

"Ain't Fallbridge Village that way?"  Freddy pointed.

"What of it?"  Gregory laughed.

"I thought you was takin' us to the pub."  Freddy frowned.

"No.  I said I was takin' ya for a bit o' fun."  Gregory laughed.

They continued to walk for what seemed to George like an eternity.

"Cor, where are ya takin' us?"  He asked finally.

"Just over this wall, then."  Gregory said.  "Hop over."  He pointed to a stone wall just ahead of them.

"What's on the other side?"  Freddy asked.

"Freedom."  Gregory winked.

"Is this the edge of the estate?"  George shook his head.

"It is."  Gregory nodded.

"What's there to do out here?"  George squinted.  "Don't look like there's anythin' but some ol' shack out there."

"Some old shack?"  Gregory chuckled.  "Don't let the proprietress hear ya say that.  She''ll be most properly offended."

"Proprietress?"  Freddy's eyes widened.  "Cor!"

"Does His Grace know this is out here?"  George wondered aloud.

"I doubt it would interest him."  Gregory chortled.  "These are not the duke's sort of diversions."

"What of the Land Agent or his bailiff?"

"I'd wager they're here right now."  Gregory laughed.

"What are we just standin' here for, then?"  Freddy bellowed.

"Many delights await you, lads."  Gregory smirked, gesturing toward the shack.  "After you."

"Don't mind if I do."  Freddy charged forward.

"George?"  Gregory grinned.

"Sure,"  George nodded.

"That's my lad."  Gregory replied.  "You won't regret it."

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