Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bertie's Pet-itations: Pet-ience

Here's Bertie's weekly opportunity to share his ideas for creating our new "Beautiful Age."  Bertie's advice, I'm sure, can be applied to many different areas of our lives.

And, so, I happily hand the computer over to him.

Bertie says:

My cat and I know that we're taking up all the space on the sofa, and, in the bed, and...well, everywhere we can take up as much space as we can.  We just do it to see what you'll do.  You always let us get away with it.  It's important to be patient with your pets (and your pets' pets).  Sometimes we challenge you just because we can and because it's fun.  When you see that it's fun, too, everyone has a good time.

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