Saturday, March 8, 2014

Print of the Day: The Devil on Two Sticks, 1836

Costume de Chasseur dans Le Diable Boiteux
d'Aubert et Cie, 1836
The Victoria & Albert Museum

This chromolithograph from 1836 is entitled “Costume de Chasseur dans Le Diable Boiteux” which translates in English to “The Devil on Two Sticks.” It’s a costume design from a ballet in three acts which debuted on June 1, 1836 at the Paris Opera. 

The ballet is based on the novel of the same name by Le Sage and recounts the tale of a Spanish student who assists a demon in escaping from a bottle. His efforts are rewarded by the demon who introduces the student to three lovely women—a dancer, an heiress and a pauper. The Spanish-style dances were a hit with audiences who were mesmerized by the fancy footwork, flicks, twists and flirtatious movement of the dancers.

The print was published by d'Aubert & Cie of Paris. 

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