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A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 32

Chapter 32
Fetch It

"Gerry!"  Gamilla stood up.

"What is it, Love?"

"Honey, she's got Vi!"

"That woman does?  Are ya sure, Love?"  Gerard asked.


"Lock the door behind me."  Gerard said.  "Don't let no one but His Grace or one of our own folks in."

"I won't."  Gamilla nodded.  

"I'm gonna come back as soon as I can.  But, I'm gonna send Georgie back to stay with ya.  So..."  Gerard began nervously.

"I'll open the door for him.  Honey, but ya gotta go to Vi."

"Not sure I can find her room."  Gerard shook his head.  "I don't know this place."

"You remember where Miss Lennie's room is?"

"Just down from His Grace's and His Lordship's."  Gerard nodded.

"Go to Miss Lennie's.  They're all in there.  Tell the masters and they'll guide ya to where Vi's and Maudie's room is. Hurry!"

"Has that thing hurt our Vi?"

"I don't know, Gerry."  Gamilla said quickly.  "But, I saw Vi's face.  I saw her screamin'.  That's why ya gotta go."

"Right."  Gerard leaned in and kissed his wife.  "I love you, 'Milla."

"I love you, too.  Now, you be safe.  Come back to me fast and see that our Violet is well."  Gamilla embraced him.

Gerard hurried from the room, waited to hear the click of the lock behind him and rushed to Lennie's suite.  

Once there, he knocked once before entering.  Gerard gasped when he saw Jackson still prostrate on the floor.

"Ah, Gerard."  Mr. Punch looked up.  "I've just dismissed the butler."

"Did ya kill 'im Your Grace?"  Gerard asked.

"Not yet."  Lennie answered for her brother.  

"Where is Gamilla?  Who is with Colin?"  Punch asked.

"Gamilla is in the nursery.  She and Dog Toby are with Colin.  I heard her lock the door behind me.  It's my wish to send George back to stay with her for protection."

"You think a boy can protect them?"  Jackson growled.

Lennie frowned.  "Jackson has just been telling us about another resident of the house.  One that he failed to mention when we arrived."

"The woman that His Grace warned us of?"  Gerard scowled.

"Yes."  Robert answered.  "Gerard is there trouble?"

Jackson  coughed and looked up.  "I hope she murders the lot of you."

"That's enough from you, old man!"  Gerard lunged forward.  

Jackson whimpered.

"You'll leave this house wrapped in calico if you speak like that again."  Gerard growled.

"That's the only way I'll leave."  Jackson hissed.

"Gerard,"  Lennie whispered.  "Don't bother with him.   He is utterly impossible.  Tell us...what's happened?"  

"Well, ya know how...Gamilla, she can see things."  Gerard began.

"Her visions."  Robert nodded.

"She said she saw that woman what Your Grace told us 'bout..."

"Morgana."  Punch said.

"It's got a name?"  Gerard raised his eyebrows.

Punch nodded. 

"Tell your beloved footman the rest, Duke of Fallbridge!"  Jackson howled.

"She's somehow related to me, or so Jackson has claimed."  Punch nodded.  "There's no evidence of that, per se.  Right now, all I believe is that she's called Morgana."

"Well, whatever she's called...she's got Violet.  Only I don't remember how to get to where Vi's room is."

"Violet!"  Lennie gasped.

"I can take you there."  Punch started for the door.

"We shall all go."  Robert followed.  "Come, Lennie.  We're not leaving you."

"What of Jackson?"  Lennie asked.

"He's coming with us."  Robert commanded.

"I thought I was dismissed, you Mary-ann."  Jackson spat, crawling to a spitting position.

"You're dismissed when we're finished with you."  Robert grabbed the old man's arm, pulling him up.

"Surely you must know a way to subdue Morgana."  Punch pleaded.

"I might."  Jackson sneered.

"Well?"  Lennie demanded.

"Why should I tell you?"  Jackson snarled.  "You're nothing!  I take my orders from Her Grace!"

"She's dead, you mad beast!"  Robert shouted.

"To you, perhaps."  Jackson retorted.

"Listen to me."  Robert clutched Jackson by the shoulders.  "How can we subdue Morgana?" Robert shook the man.

"The jar of heads!"  Jackson rattled.

"What?"  Robert shook his head.

"It's downstairs.  It's the only thing to which she'll respond."  Jackson said coyly.

"Fetch it.  Whatever it is."  Punch ordered, "And, then, join us at the old Huntsmen's quarters where you so conveniently put my staff."

"Fetch it?"  Jackson smiled.

"Yes!  Now!"  Robert shouted.  "We don't have time for debate!"

"Yes.  I'll fetch it now."  Jackson nodded.

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