Thursday, December 19, 2013

Object of the Day: Razzleberry Dressing

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There’s something about this chromolithograph which puts me in mind of “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.” While the illustrator seems to have relied on mid-Twentieth Century style, it simply can’t be. The card—likely a giveaway for Christmas—dates to at least the 1890s.

This serves as an interesting reminder that the artistic styles of the late 1950s and early 1960s were heavily influenced by Victorian designs. Think about it. Popular art from the 1950s often involves retellings of patterns and proportions which were found in Nineteenth Century popular art. Even the fashionable colors were similar—just combined in different ways.

We could take this back even further and look at the ways in which Victorian popular arts were influenced by the Rococo, and, by Mannerism, etc. But, we don’t need to do that. After all, we’ll have the brightest Christmas, the very lightest Christmas, a Christmas that’s more glorious than grand. 

Oh, Magoo, you’ve done it again

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