Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Home Beautiful: Christmas Ornaments by Krebsglas, 1900

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Blown in Lauscha, Germany, in 1900, by the manufacturer, Krebsglas, we see a collection of glass Christmas ornaments.

These Christmas decorations are typical of the east German region of Thuringia which has long been celebrated for its glass-blowing and lampwork. These examples from 1900 are mould-blown.  The spire--intended for the top of the tree--is particularly fine and was most likely from a mould from the late Nineteenth Century.


Anonymous said...

Krebs glass is still in business as Krebs Lauscha. Nationalized as a "People's Own Factory" by the East German government (which gained much-needed Western hard currency from sale abroad of their "traditional turn of the year figures"- in non commie speech: "christmas decorations"), they re-formed after the Fall of the Wall and do a thriving business still utilizing many of their original 19th century molds. Check their website.
I'm a fan of theirs as well as of your blog :-)

Joseph Crisalli said...

Thanks for the added information!