Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Home Beautiful: A Vintage Biscuit Tin, c. 1920

Biscuit Tin Bank
England, 1920s
The Victoria & Albert Museum

This biscuit tin from the early 19th Century was made for the Christmas season. After the First World War, the typical English biscuit tin—a convention which arose in 1861—had become more reserved than the Nineteenth Century, opulent, printed tin models. The exception to this was the Christmas Season when fanciful and clever designs were produced for biscuit companies wishing to appeal to children and their parents. 

These tins were made to be saved, and, often, they’d offer a feature which gave them extended use. This one, for example, was made to serve as a money box or bank after the cookies had all been eaten. It is decorated with printed scenes from “Alice in Wonderland” as well as depictions of Nursery Rhyme characters. The coin slot at the top could be punched out when the biscuits were all gone.

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