Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Object of the Day: With Compliments of the Season

I thought I’d start today's festivities with a very long and large trade card from my collection which neatly sums up the enduring American attitude toward Christmas.

With Compliments of the Season,
Your Friends
Excelsior Mfg. Company.

Well, thank you very much, my friends at the Excelsior Manufacturing Company—whoever you were and whatever you did. And, thanks, also, to you, young lady. Whoever you were—with your stylish feather fan, your green hose and your 1880s-style party dress. You’ve certainly got your hands full what with your nosegay and the fact that you feel the need to hold up your dress. Seems as if you’ve dropped some of your flowers along the way on the very attractive carpet. And, I’d advise you to look where you’re going before you walk into that column. But, thank you. Thank you very much. All joking aside, I have to say that this is a very beautiful card. The stunning emerald green alone is a color which cannot be duplicated so majestically no matter how good our modern printing is.

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