Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 13

Chapter 13:
A Little Chat

"Oy!"  Gregory grinned as Ethel came into the Servants' Hall.

"What?"  Ethel frowned.

"What's your name, girl?"  


"You ain't bad lookin', Ethel."  Gregory winked.  "Maybe I can come and pay ya a visit in your room tonight."

"Sure,"  Ethel smiled.  "And, maybe when ya do, I can make a girl of ya.  Grew up on a farm, I did.  I know how to use a knife real good."

"Oh, now, you're a spirited one.  I like a girl what's got some fight in 'er."  Gregory laughed.

"I got more than fight in me."  Ethel replied.  "I seen murder done and because of it, I got murder in me.  So, you'd best keep your distance."

Gregory howled with laughter.

"His Grace will be most bothered to hear you talked to  me so."  Ethel nodded.  "You just keep laughin'."

"I ain't afraid o' that margery."

"What did you say?"  Ethel stepped forward.

"Simmer down, Girl.  You're a little rough for a nursery maid, ain't ya.  Not that I mind.  I like a rough girl."

"You'll be a rough girl when I finished with ya."  Ethel growled.

"Try it."  Gregory raised his fist.

"What's this?"  George Pepper called out as he approached.

"Me and this lass was just havin' a little chat.  What's it to you, little man?"  Gregory laughed.

"Ethel, are you all right?"  George asked, hurrying to her side.

"Quite."  Ethel nodded.

"Is she your girl, then?"  Gregory asked.

"She's my friend."  George replied.

"Ah."  Gregory laughed.

"What's that meaning?"  George scowled.

"I see the whole lot the mad Duke brought from London are either girls or nancy lads."  Gregory winked.

"I ain't."  George snapped.

"Sorry--or men who fancy Africans."

"You'd best shut your gob now."  Ethel warned.

"That's right, George Pepper, let your tough lass fight for ya."  Gregory teased.  "That's what your Duke would want."

"Come outside with me."  George demanded.  "Now."

"Oh, I will."  Gregory nodded casually.  "But, look alive just now.  Here comes old Mr. Jackson.  I'll get you later, little Mr. Pepper.  And, I'll be lookin' for you tonight, young Ethel.  For now, little George, maybe you can find comfort in William's lean arms."

"What's all this chatter?"  Jackson growled as he passed the trio.  "I won't have you Londoners coming in here and disrupting my staff."

Ethel shook her head and walked away.

George locked eyes with Gregory who smiled broadly.  "I'm just getting back to my duties, Mr. Jackson."

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Fallbridge Hall has rats in its basement. Big ones.

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Gregory needs a swift kick.

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Or two.