Friday, November 15, 2013

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: Mr. Punch by John Leech, c. 1850

Graphite Drawing
John Leech, c. 1850
The British Museum

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Hullo, all!  It's Friday, and that means, Punch-related art and things, so, let's begin with this handsome graphite drawing by the celebrated illustrator John Leech.  Leech, known for his work with Mr. Dickens, as well as "Punch Magazine," depicts our Mr. Punch rolling a ball or a pizza down a slope.  He doesn't seem concerned at all about keeping his balance, and is, generally "havin' a ball."  A separate drawing on the same side (upside down) shows a study of a tree.  Obviously, this was a quick sketch which Leech intended as a study for other pieces.

It's hard to pin a date on this, but I'd guess it was created around 1850.


Dashwood said...

Mmmm. Pizza, Partridge and Punch - a meal fit for Homer Simpson.

Joseph Crisalli said...