Sunday, November 10, 2013

Print of the Day: Southend, Seaside Excursions, 1925

Southend:  Seaside Excursions
Herrick, 1925
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Frederick Charles Herrick (1887-1970) designed this poster in 1925 for the Underground Electric Railways Co. of London, Ltd. Printed by Baynard Press, the chromolithograph depicts a woman in a blue bathing costume and orange swim cap as she readies herself for a day at the seaside with her friends who seem to like to wave. The dark background serves to set off the type: “Southend: Seaside Excursions.” Meant to entice post-Great War tourists, the poster was designed to advertise inexpensive train fare to seaside destinations—still considered a suitable spot for a one-day holiday.

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