Friday, November 15, 2013

Drawing of the Day: Mr. Punch and the World, 1843

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Punch and the World
John Leech or After John Leech
Britain, 1843
The British Museum

Here’s another drawing by John Leech (or in the style of John Leech) which dates to 1843. Of course, we know that Leech, among his many other successes, was known for his work with 
Punch Magazine. It’s possible that this drawing was created “after Leech” to match other illustrations in the publication.

Created for a November, 1843 edition of 
Punch, this study for an original drawing depicts Mr. Punch and the world—literally. Punch stands next to a figure with a globular head. The exact meaning of this satirical scene is somewhat lost to modern eyes, but, as with all Leech or Leech-inspired works, it is brimming with charm.

This pencil version was later inked and refined for publication.

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