Monday, November 11, 2013

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: Jet of Iada, Liverpool’s Famous Rescue Dog

"Jet of Iada"
Edna Rose, 1946
The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Since today is Veteran's Day, in the U.S., I thought we'd look at objects honoring the history of those who have served for their countries.

In light of that, I will be posting the "Treat of the Week," tomorrow.  And, to once again quote my beloved Hazel, "It's a doozy."  

Now, let's carry on.  I like this heroic doggy.

This bronze bust by Edna Rose from the collection of Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery shows the proud, smiling face of Jet of Iada. Jet was the brave black dog who rescued dozens of people during the Second World War. Jet, who attended “War Dog School” at the age of nine months, is forever remember as Liverpool’s bravest canine. A memorial to Jet was erected in Liverpoole’s Calderstone Park. The daughter of Jet’s owner, Lilias Ward, said, “It was a very very satisfying day, sad, but satisfying, because he was a special person.”

A very special person, indeed. Three cheers for Jet and long may he be remembered. To hear more about jet, visit the Walker Art Gallery’s 
Web site to hear portions of an interview with Lilias Ward.

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