Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Morgana winced as Ivy Blessum entered the Vermillion Suite.  The woman's expression startled Gamilla who rose and turned quickly.

"Why are you in here, African?"  Ivy snarled.

"I was invited."  Gamilla replied coldly.  "I believe His Grace done told you to stay 'way from Miss Morgana.  I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."

"Morgana doesn't wish for me to leave."  Ivy snapped.  "Do you, Morgana?"

Morgana gulped, sinking lower into her chair.  

"You needn't fear this woman, Miss Morgana.  Not any longer.  You're the master's aunt.  She is a servant.  You may tell her what you think."  Gamilla said gently.

"I...I...don't...I don't want you here,"  Morgana whispered.

"There,"  Ivy smirked.  

"She is addressing you, Miss Blessum."  Gamilla shook her head.

"I am."  Morgana nodded.  "I want you to...l...leave, Ivy."

"I won't leave."  Ivy frowned.  "I'll never leave.  I've not carried out my orders."

"You done been given your orders, Miss Blessum.  Now, you'd best go."  Gamilla said firmly.

"I hear you're with child."  Ivy growled.  "By your Australian husband."  She laughed.  "A woman in such a condition is most delicate."

"Gamilla..."  Morgana whimpered.  "She's angry."

"I ain't afraid o' this dry husk o' a thing."  Gamilla put her hands on her hips.  "Now, get your stick legs movin', you sad, ol' thing before I pick you up by that fish-scale nose o' yours and toss you into the hall."

Morgana's eyes widened and she chuckled a little.

"You find it amusing, do you, Morgana?"  Ivy squinted.  "Sitting there like the Queen, in your borrowed tea dress with your hair in curls and your pincers hidden under velvet and lace.  You're still a freak, my dear."

"What is this?"  Mr. Punch shouted from behind Ivy as he entered the Vermillion Suite.  Followed by Ethel who carried Colin.  Dog Toby trotted beside her.  "Miss Blessum, I specifically told you to stay away from Miss Morgana."

"I know, Your Grace..."  Ivy began.  "I..."

"There's no excuse for it."  Mr. Punch continued.

"Your Grace, did you need me?"  Gamilla asked.

"Not exactly, Gamilla."  Punch replied to Gamilla gently.  "I thought Ethel might bring Colin to meet his Great Auntie Morgana, and then, I might tell you about...something.  I did not expect to find Miss Blessum here."

"I can explain..."  Ivy began again.

"And, you shall."  Punch nodded.  "Later."  He smiled.  "Have you your keys?"

"Keys?"  Ivy asked.

"They keys to the cell where you kept Miss Morgana."

"I have."

"Will you show me this cell?  I understand it's just in the attics...just above where most of the staff sleeps--on the other side of the West facade, behind the turret."  Punch smiled.

"That's correct, Your Grace."

"I'd like to see where my aunt has spent the last year of her life."

"P...P..."  Morgana began.  She thought better of calling him "Punch" in front of Ivy, realizing that no one else seemed to refer to him as "Punch" when others were around.  "I don't think you would really want to see such a place."

"It will help me."  Mr. Punch replied.  "Dear Auntie."

"If it pleases Your Grace."  Ivy answered bitterly.

"It does."  Punch grinned.  "Gamilla, I leave you to make the introduction of my son to his new Auntie as well as Ethel to Miss Morgana whilst I visit a part of my home which I've never seen before.  Miss Blessum, I'll let you lead the way."

"Very well..."  Ivy nodded.

"I shall return,"  Punch winked as Ivy left the room.

Once Mr. Punch had closed the door, Ethel laughed.  "Oh, he's gonna lock up that old woman, ain't he?"

"He sure is, honey."  Gamilla laughed.

"Is that true?"  Morgana's jaw dropped.

"I think it is, Miss Morgana."  Gamilla replied.

"Good."  Morgana nodded.

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Dashwood said...

Oh good! I hope Punch gives her a good swift kick in the ass before slamming the door. Maybe shee snap in half.

Joseph Crisalli said...

That would be gratifying. It would make a nice sound, too.