Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Treat of the Week: Eggs Landers and Metzger's Field Cupcakes


In celebration of this year's "Ham for Miss Lander's Day" my mother came up with a truly brilliant new recipe which would incorporate Miss Landers' ham into the holiday in an ingeniously savory way.  

We'll call the new treat "Eggs Landers," a tasty take on Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine which combined beautifully poached eggs (done the proper way, just in boiling water, and not with one of those compartmentalized contraptions), rosemary ham, sauteed spinach, freshly-made hollandaise sauce, and an English muffin.  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  I'm a great fan of poached eggs in general, and enjoy them as often as possible.  This combination was quite perfect and an ideal way to celebrate this most important of holidays.  

The egg dish was served with individual salads which included greens, blue cheese, nuts,  berries, and, of course--pineapple.  After all, what celebration of an early-1960s heroine (involving ham) wouldn't also include pineapple?

For dessert, my mother added classic homemade cupcakes to the menu.  Baked from scratch, these yellow-cake cupcakes are piped with beautiful homemade icing--chocolate and vanilla and dressed with soda fountain sprinkles.  

In honor of Miss Landers, the cupcakes were served in a checkerboard pattern before her portrait and a martini glass of "Chuckles" fruit candy because...because that's what one does.

The cupcakes would be perfect to pack in your picnic basket as you go to watch Wally pitch a home-run game at Metzger's Field or to bring to Mrs. Mondello's house as part of a sympathy platter after Larry's gall bladder operation goes horribly wrong.  June Cleaver wasn't the best cake-icer, so, she'd probably buy hers at a bakery, but you can make your own.

Here's wishing all of you the happiest "Ham for Miss Landers Day."  Remember, don't let Eddie Haskell get you down.  Remember that if Judy takes down your name when Miss Landers isn't in the room, Miss Landers won't read the list.  And, most of all, when you need it, Hoss will always bring you a ham from the Ponderosa.


Beth Ann said...

I can't get my eggs to turn out when I do them without the egg thingy. I have to keep trying. Those are beautiful and I love the cupcakes. I hope you have a happy pretend holiday! How cute!

Gregg said...

I love making your own holidays. I also love eggs like this and I love cupcakes so I am all for this.

Gene said...

I will join your celebration and make a ham sandwich for my dinner tonight while the "girls" have their night out. I wish I had hot eggs and nice cupcakes. Happy Miss Landers Day. I always had a crush on her.

April said...

I was just saying that it seems like no sooner do they take down the Christmas displays in the stores, they have the Ham for Miss Landers Day decorations out. I was smart, I bought early. I have the mantel strung with bacon and pig knuckles. It's worth all the hard work and oil burns for a breakfast for dinner meal and cupcakes like that.

Bonnie said...

Doesn't that look good? I loved her on LITB. I think this is cute.

Kathy said...

Hard to poach an egg like that. Perfectly done. Your mom is good. Cupcakes are perfect 2. Happy day to you, Beav.

Dashwood said...

January is just as dull
As a pillow filled with salamanders.
Except for the glow
Of dear Miss Landers.

It was Hoss Cartwright
(Innocent as a lamb)
Who linked Sue Randall
With a festive ham.

But moist and pink as a dainty shift
Ham does seem just the perfect gift
To well represent this gentle peach
Who dared long ago, Beaver to teach.

Oh, and this year in one of the feasts she makes,
Joseph’s Mom embellished it with eggs and cupcakes.
And so, by June Cleaver’s always perfect hair,
Next year at Joseph’s…I’ll be there.

Angelo said...

I like this! I like eggs like this. Wanna cupcake.

Matt said...

I forgot to send cards! Happy Miss Landers Ham Day! I wish we could crack open an egg together. When we set out the plate of hay and slop for the Landers Piggy, I'll be thinking of you and your mom's cupcakes.

Anywhere else that would all sound creepy. Here it's sweet. How interesting your life is.

Susan said...

So pretty! I just love cup cakes like that. I have not had chuckles in years. I always order eggs benedict, but my hollandaise curdles when I try to make it. Your mom is a superstar.

Sam P said...

Wonderful!! Brunch at dinner and cupcakes! My favorites! Happy day!

Carolyn said...

Sheer brilliance! It all looks so yumsy. I want eggs now!

Book Gurl said...

Love the way your mom presents everything.

Wendy said...

Mmmm...I wish I read this at work like I usually do before I made dinner. Poached eggs would've been good. I can make a decent hollandaise too. Too late now. Happy Ham For Miss Landers Day to you and yours.