Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reminder: Punch's Cousin Will Return on Monday

On Monday, August 9, Punch's Cousin will return with Chapter 13 as Julian's quest to find Lady Barbara takes him to New Orleans.  That, however, is just one goal for Lord Julian's journey.  He's also seeking his mysterious, "Punch," and along the way, hoping to find some peace for himself.  Will he find what he seeks?  Only time will tell.

I really appreciate the kind comments all of you have made about Punch's Cousin.  Many thanks for your support.  If you happened to miss any of the past chapters, all of them are archived here.


Kathy L said...

Thank you so much for introducing us to Punch. I look forward to each new chapter.

Thank you for this blog in general. Just reading the articles on it make me feel better and more educated. I love thinking "That is a good idea" when I read one of your Goals for the day. I can't say that I will remember everything I have read, but for awhile I can step back in time and marvel at the beauty of it all. Thanks again.
Kathy L

Joseph Crisalli said...

Thank you, Kathy. You're very kind to say that. The goals for the day are things that I try to remind myself to do every day. We're all in this together. It's very heartening to know that you're enjoying this. You've made my day.