Friday, August 13, 2010

Antique Image of the Day: Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle

From The Royal Collection.
She had just enjoyed her breakfast and retired to the Queen’s Sitting Room at Windsor Castle. Princess Beatrice accompanied Queen Victoria, bringing the daily news, so that she could read it to Her Majesty. Together, they sat amidst the glorious artwork and furniture, the morning sunlight filtering through the windows to blanket their comfortable scene.

Taken on May 21, 1895, the gelatine silver print is the work of an unnamed Dutch photographer who had been recommended to the Queen by the Princess of Wales. This image shows a domestic scene set in the most opulent of settings and reminds us that for all the trappings of Royalty, Queen Victoria was simply human.

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Dashwood said...

It really is remarkable when you think that the first Queen since Elizabeth I had to take the reins as a teenaged girl and was able to lead an Empire through one of the most changeable periods of history until her death in the next century. And, despite the stern image, had all the hardships a woman personally endure. All during a time when women could not vote.