Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Security Tip of the Week: Motion Sensitive Lights

One way to guard your home in addition to your home security system and cameras, is to install motion sensitive lights both inside and outside your home. Exterior flood lights are often motion sensitive and can be set for both sensitivity and duration. Installing motion sensitive lights near doors and in your driveway will light the way for you on when you come home at night and also alert you if anyone is approaching your home in the dark.

Similarly, motion sensitive lights can be installed in your home. Very often, a sensor can easily be installed in place of an existing light switch. I have several here and I find them to be very useful. Set up in hallways and in public living spaces, interior motion lights can be set to “auto” at night. This way, if you step out into the hallway to get a midnight snack, the light will go on without your having to stumble for the switch. Similarly, if someone were to enter your house, they, too, would trip the light. A variety of motion sensitive lights are available on the market. Take a look around to find which will best work for your home.

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