Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Object of the Day: A Mr. Punch Vesta Case

Well, here we are…Bertie, Joseph and Mr. Punch. Well, okay, really just Joseph. I’m getting a slow start today. I suppose I’m sluggish from eating my body weight in cookies, cake, and Yorkshire pudding. But, I suppose better late than never.

We had a fabulous Christmas. Lots of time together relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. And, of course, presents. Among the many treasures that Santa brought down the chimney, was this exceptionally beautiful sterling silver vesta case in the form of my dear Mr. Punch. I’ve wanted one of these for quite a long time, so I was particularly thrilled to open that gift.
In case you don’t know, vesta cases (also known as vesta boxes, or match safes) are small portable boxes made in a great variety of forms and shapes with snap-shut covers to contain vestas (short matches) so that they might remain dry.

These short matches are named after one of their early makers (whose name was taken from the goddess Vesta, the Roman goddess of fire). These beautiful and useful containers came into use around the 1830s and were produced well into the 1920s. Some companies continue to make them to this day though for collectible as opposed to practical purposes.

I’m really, really tickled by this gift. And, just to make sure that Mr. Punch doesn’t get lonely, I was also presented with a companion for him, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see him.


Matt said...

He was made for you. I'm sure happy you got him. Yea! MB

Joseph Crisalli said...

Thanks, Matt!