Friday, November 18, 2011

Mr. Punch in the Arts: Good Night, Mr. Punch

The Victoria & Albert Museum

From the George Speaight Punch & Judy Archive, we have another hand-painted glass magic lantern slide that is the final slide of the set of 12 housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum. The slide was made in London at the end of the Nineteenth Century by Theobald & Co.

This is my favorite of the lot! I adore it! It proves to me that Punch takes his slapstick to bed.

The following text accompanies the slide during a magic lantern show:

Punch: I’m not such a bad old man as they make out. Don’t you believe it. I didn’t mean to hurt my dear darling baby, it was all a mistake; and I will be extra kind to dear old Judy, and dear old Toby shall have a penny ice all to himself, and my dear old donkey what a feed he shall have, and what a happy family we’ll all be for the future. Good night, my dears, good night. Don’t forget poor old Punch.


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