Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reminder: "Punch's Cousin" Will Return on Monday

When we left Mr. Punch in Chapter 72, he had just received something of a shock. Filled with rage, Mr. Punch had put Julian’s hand through a window at the Rittenhouse Mansion. What had incensed him so? Seeing that Arthur was, in fact, alive. Punch has been feeling terribly guilty about “killing” Arthur, however, seeing the dastardly footman alive and well will prove to be too much for Mr. Punch to handle. Barbara has some wicked things in store for her brother and his friends, and, she will rely heavily on “The Elegant Ogress” to execute those plans. She also has the destructively peculiar Ulrika Rittenhouse on her side. And, let’s not discount Nanny Rittenhouse. She’ll play an important role in Barbara’s scheme.

Meanwhile, Adrienne and Cecil have found themselves in a daunting predicament as Mr. Cage makes it clear that their meddling into the life of his new son is not welcome. Will they find salvation from an unlikely source? Similarly, Naasir realizes he’s got some problems of his own as he journeys down the path toward what he considers his “destiny.” He’ll need an ally. Perhaps he’s found one in the form of the devoted Marjani. As the residents of Marionneaux prepare themselves for Edward Cage’s masquerade ball, Mr. Punch will find himself one step closer to finding The Molliner Blue, but Julian will find himself one step backward in having one unified personality. We’ve got a lot of action in store as Punch’s Cousin continues next week.

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