Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming this Week at "Stalking the Belle Époque"

The Winchester "Mystery House"
We’ve got some exciting things ahead at Stalking the Belle Époque for the coming week. Aside from some further glimpses into my own collection of Victorian and Edwardian art and artifacts, our journey into the world of beauty both past and present will take us deeper into the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Vatican, The Louvre, and Britain’s National Gallery as well as The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace. We’ll take a tour of the strange and rambling mansion in San Jose, California known as “The Winchester Mystery House” to examine this architectural and cultural wonder. We will also meet one of the silver screen’s great living legends and we’ll reacquaint ourselves with one of Broadway’s brightest stars. The great Joan Crawford will be a topic of conversation as we look at her rich body of work and her controversial personal life. Our exploration of Mr. Punch through the ages will continue as we see how Britain’s favorite puppet has influenced popular culture for hundreds of years. And, of course, Punch’s Cousin will return on Monday with Chapter 73. Now that Mr. Punch has seen Arthur, we’re guaranteed some startling events ahead.

I’m also pleased to offer a sneak preview of my soon-to-be released novel The Cages of Marionneaux. The Cages of Marionneaux is a companion piece to The Garnet Red and Punch’s Cousin. You’ll see a sample of the book before anyone else!

Paintings, sculpture, fantastic gems, amazing décor, interesting classic films and unusual artifacts are all on the menu for the week of October 18th. Stalking the Belle Époque has now reached over three thousand weekly visitors. I want to thank all of you who stop by each day and especially those of you who have shared your thoughts and images. Each day that we pause to recall the beauty of our world—past and present—we’re placing our feet firmly into a gorgeous future.

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