Friday, October 22, 2010

Goal for the Day: Frame a Special Photograph

Before the days of digital cameras, we had to actually get our pictures developed.  There was always something exciting about picking up that envelope of photos from the lab.  The feeling of that firm stack of images in the long envelope, the excitement of opening it up and flipping through them—those sensations are lost to us now.  A good many of us have some stacks of photographs somewhere in our homes.  This weekend, locate some of those images that have been filed away.  Select one or two that represent special times and memories and get yourself an attractive frame or two.  We took the photos so that we could commemorate a time in our lives.  Why not enjoy the memory by being able to look at it every day?


Java Bean Rush said...

Great idea. I recently decided finally to do something with a stack of photos that I had lying around. I framed some, put others in albums.

I'm thinking of making a family picture/quote wall/ genealogy chart with the rest of my photos.

I'd place the photos of my relatives in their proper spot on my wall [1st generation on top or at the bottom and moving from there], then place a quote from that person next to it.

-- Java

Joseph said...

I really like that concept, Java Bean Rush. An excellent idea!