Monday, October 18, 2010

Goal for the Day: Celebrate Fall

Now that there’s a slight change in the weather and we see the glare of summer fade, let’s bring a bit of Fall flavor into our homes.  Decorative gourds can be purchased relatively inexpensively at most local grocery stores. These miniature pumpkins are a perfect way to introduce some autumnal color into your home.  Arranged artfully in a bowl, on a table or on a mantelpiece, gourds last a long time. 

When they start to dry out, you can paint them in subtle silver, bronze and gold to preserve them and transition them into your winter décor.  If you’ve got kids in the house, or if you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can even decorate these gourds for Halloween by making miniature jack-o-lanterns with painted faces.  You’ve got a lot of options.  If you feel so inclined, pick up a few of these bright gourds on your way home today.  Soon enough, you’ll start to feel that you’re ready for Thanksgiving.

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Very pretty.