Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Audible Beauty: Betty Buckley’s Newest Album, “Bootleg: Boardmixes From the Road”

The clarity of her voice, the pure emotion with which she delivers a song, the subtlety of her performances—these qualities characterize the magnificent work of Betty Buckley.  Her newest album, Bootleg: Boardmixes From the Road is a deeply moving and thoroughly enjoyable collection of songs performed to perfection by “The Voice of Broadway.” 
From languid ballads to up-tempo standards, this assortment of numbers is an exquisite buffet of delicious music.  The album includes the richly emotional “Ghost in this House,” the exhilarating “It Might as Well Be Spring” and the uplifting, “Straighten Up and Fly Right” among six other songs.  Miss Buckley’s extraordinary range is captured splendidly on this must-have album.  Bootleg: Boardmixes From the Road is now available as a download from iTunes.  Check it out!  Since we can’t see her in person every day, this is the best way to bring the magic of Betty Buckley into your home.

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