Friday, October 8, 2010

Goal for the Day: Don't Let Minor Setbacks Derail You

For as much as we have to assist us in our daily lives, the simple fact is that it all doesn’t always work when you want it to, nor does it all work at the same time. We’ve become accustomed to instant results. However, we need to remind ourselves that everything isn’t urgent. Sometimes, we just have to be patient.

So today, when your Internet connection goes down or your cell phone drops a call, don’t let it upset you. There’s really nothing that we can do with it. It’s simply a minor setback. Behind all of our systems and technology are people—people who are prone to the same errors and mistakes that we all are. Becoming agitated and dwelling on minor inconveniences isn’t going to fix the problem nor is it going to change the reaction time of the people responsible for making everything run smoothly again. All it will do is derail your whole day. You can keep yourself on track even if the conveniences that you rely on aren’t. Stay on your path. Everything else will catch up.

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